Everest Email Marketing Review: Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Everest Email Marketing Review

If you are looking for an email tool for your business, you must understand that every business has a special need. This is why you must avoid an all-in-one tool. Have you heard of the Everest email marketing tool? If the answer is no, then you are in for a revelation that could transform your business from zero to hero. This Everest email marketing review will give you insights into the originality of Everest, and how its features help you build a powerful email campaign for your business.

Everest is a rebranded name of 250ok which was acquired by Validity in March 2020. Everest software is designed for businesses that have special needs.

Read on as I give answers to how the platform works and what are the pros and cons of Everest that you should be aware of before you decide to use it.

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Everest Email Marketing Review: What is Everest?

Everest is a cloud-hosted email marketing tool that caters to the special needs of small, medium, and large businesses. It is a powerful and versatile tool laced with the required tools to make your email marketing campaigns successful.

Everest is built with a lot of interactive email editing tools that completely negates the need for outrageously expensive email building and designing tools.

With Everest, you are sure that your email messages will get into the inboxes of the recipients. It is a program that keeps a tab on all your sent messages and in turn, sends you a detailed report if an email message fails to send and the reason why.

If you have a team, Everest helps your team to brainstorm and complete tasks faster with the workflow optimization collaborative tools.

How does Everest email marketing work?

Everest works like every other email marketing tool that requires you to subscribe to a plan. You can contact Everest through their website at https://www.validity.com/everest/ since there is no link to sign up on the website for now.

After successfully signing up, you can access the account dashboard that gives you a comprehensive detail of your campaign activities. You can also test your email to ensure everything is alright before clicking the “send” button.

Features/Benefits of Everest email marketing

Everest comes with amazing features to make your email messages achieve great results. These are some of the features:

Optimized email deliverability – Email messages that land in the spam folders of recipients are tantamount to waste. You can focus on increased profitability knowing that your email messages won’t miss their targets.

Everest ensures that your emails get to the inboxes of the intended recipients. This is because Everest has incredible email service provider coverage which guarantees exceptional deliverability.

Flawless design – Great design is one of the reasons why recipients interact with your email messages. Everest is designed with an excellent in-built email editor amid some collaborative tools.

With the collaborative tools, your team can brainstorm to build visually appealing messages with very engaging subject lines.

Deeper email performance metrics – Generic email reports do not tell you in full detail how your email messages are performing. As such, Everest is built with innovative analytics that is combined with in-app data.

This provides you with the robust real-time tracking that you need to better understand how recipients are responding to your emails.

Pre-send checks – Everest gives you peace of mind even before you click the “send” button. All email addresses undergo checks before the message is sent. This is known as list validation.

It helps to protect the sender’s reputation. Wrong, dead, and dangerous emails are identified before hitting “send”. This means you can never be blacklisted.

You will also like the competitive intelligence feature that gives you insight into what your competitors are doing right. The insights include best practices, subject lines, message samples, etc.

Emails are also checked with more than 70 email clients. The test includes image and link testing. There is support for A/B testing too.

Increased visibility – Clogged inboxes plus stricter algorithms makes it a lot difficult to get the attention of email recipients. If you want to stand out, you must understand your audience to give them timely and personalized content that is flawless on all devices.

Everest helps you build campaigns that appeal to your audience and stand out from the other messages received by your recipients. This ensures increased visibility even if your recipients have crowded inboxes. What you get in the end is an increased conversion rate.

Integration with many email service providers – Everest integrates excellently with different email service providers like Salesforce, SendGrid, Mailgun, MailerQ, MaroPost, Litmus, MailChimp, Slack, Marketo, Cordial, Zoho, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

Great interface and UI with responsive support – Everest has a lovely interface and UI. The dashboard can easily be customized. This is coupled with the active support that is available 24/7. The support resolves feedback pretty quickly.

Make better email campaigns faster – With Everest, you can make better email campaigns faster by getting exclusive data, insights, and guidance in one platform at your fingertip. Armed with all these, you can drive optimized campaigns more quickly and get the desired results that you crave.

It also helps you to make quick decisions, understand trends, and attend to issues before they start impacting your campaign performance.

Improve email efficiency – Everest helps you to improve email efficiency by customizing alerts that provide you with real-time notifications concerning campaign data.

This is a proactive measure to help you anticipate and react to issues as they happen before they impact negatively on performance. The configuration of your dashboard is another way to improve email efficiency.

This is done with a combination of deliverability, engagement data, and DMARC in a single and intuitive interface.

Everest Pricing

The actual pricing is not stated. You will need to contact the sales team to get the real pricing figures. However, the pricing does state types of plans with their benefits.

There are three plans on offer:

Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise. You can check the benefits and features offered under these plans here.

Can I make money with Everest email marketing?

Yes, you can make money by using the Everest features. Features such as pre-send checks, email testing, deliverability, and engagement through deep insights on your customer’s behavior are instrumental in conversions.

Customers who like your emails and product offers are convinced to buy them. This is how you can make money with Everest.

There is no affiliate program on offer to make direct money with Everest email marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What supports does Everest offer?

Answer: Everest offers live support, email, phone, and training.

2. What language does Everest support?

Answer: Everest supports English.

3. What devices does Everest support?

Answer: Everest supports Mac and Windows devices. It is also web-based.

4. Does Everest have a free trial?

Answer: Yes, it offers a free trial.

5. Does Everest have a free version?

Answer: No, it doesn’t have a free version.

6. What kind of training does Everest offer?

Answer: Everest training is in the form of documentation.


  • Sender reputation protection: This is a great feature. Having a plethora of emails can prompt a customer to direct your emails into the spam folders. With the pre-send check option, your identity remains valuable.
  • Incredible customer support: Customer support is important to run your campaign undisturbed. Everest has dedicated support through email, chat, and phone under the Validity help center. In addition, there are various documentations related to tools and resources to help you overcome any functionality issues.
  • Email testing and verification functionality: Everest supports email A/B testing, and different validation checks to make your campaign more convincing. The testing improves trust and reliability among your customers.
  • Email tracking by location and device: To keep your customers engaged, Everest provides regional and device segmentation. This is another helpful option to align your email campaign according to your customer’s movement and the system they use to check emails.
  • Improved email deliverability and report: The deliverability of emails lies in the coverage capacity and automation. Both are covered by Everest. Improved deliverability is instrumental in inbox monitoring and extracting deep insights on the behavior of your emails which results in better tracking and reporting.
  • Customizing alerts: Specific activities can be tracked with the customization of alerts. Such alerts help you to adopt different marketing options for more engagement and provide customer-desired product offerings.
  • Integration: Easy migration to big email service provides like Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Mailgun, etc. makes Everest more dependable. The integration helps to build a more robust and powerful email campaign with your existing email platforms.


  • Missing price point: The pricing numbers are completely missing. The pricing option on the website includes only the features under different plans. Lack of pricing ideas could drive many users away from the platform in the first instance.
  • You may have to purchase some add-ons: No mention of pricing also means you may have to spend some extra money. This could be related to features or add-ons that are not available with Everest or aren’t supported with their regular pricing plans.

Conclusion: Is Everest email marketing recommended?

You cannot go wrong with the Everest email marketing tool. The tool has extremely powerful features to meet all your special email marketing needs.

The fact that you can test email messages against more than 70 email clients before they are sent is very plausible. Customizing email alerts to get notifications before performance is impacted is also an amazing feature.

You will love the UI and interface with a customizable dashboard to track all metrics that relate to email performance. The integration list is huge.

It integrates perfectly with a lot of email service providers including Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft Outlook just to mention but a few. Everest is complete with responsive customer support.

The only drawback is the absence of pricing. If the pricing plans suit your pocket, I will recommend the app so you can get more conversions and increased sales in the long run.

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