Emma Email Marketing Review: Great tool for your email marketing needs

Emma Email Marketing Review

Just as there is no shortage of tasks to be completed by internet marketers, there is also no shortage of tools to complete the tasks. Some of these tasks include the management of social media accounts, Facebook ad retargeting campaigns, and the sending of email messages. When it comes to email campaigns, you need a tool that can grow your business and enrich your customers’ experience. However, it is a difficult task to choose a tool that can meet your email marketing campaign needs. In this post, I will be doing Emma email marketing review to fulfill your email campaign needs.

The review will answer these questions that you may have in your mind. What is Emma? Is it suitable for email marketing? How does it work? Etc.

Read on as I answer all these questions and more in this review post.

New to Email Marketing?

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Emma Email Marketing Review: What is Emma email marketing?

Emma Email Marketing is a web-based email marketing tool that assists marketing teams to design email campaigns to enhance sales.

The program can be used on different devices including tablets, smartphones, and PCs. With Emma, audiences can be segmented based on demographics, and email campaigns can easily be tracked from the dashboard with real-time reports.

Emma lets you know if recipients opened the email messages sent to them or if email links were clicked. This lets you know which recipients to send follow-up emails to. Users can also analyze emails based on click-through rates.

Some other worthy features of the tool include customizable templates, open API, drag and drop editor. The software integrates well with other applications like Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, Zapier, Eventbrite, YouTube, Google Analytics, and many more.

The tool was designed in 2003 by Will Weaver and Clint Smith and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States of America. They also have offices in San Francisco, Indianapolis, London, Sydney and a satellite office in Portland, Oregon, USA.

How does Emma email marketing work?

To know how Emma works is by signing up on its website at https://myemma.com/get-started?sv=emma-101_nav. You can choose to start with the free version or subscribe to a paid plan.

Emma comes with a lot of email campaign templates that are easy to manipulate. You can edit and customize any of them to your satisfaction to jumpstart your campaign.

Features of Emma Email Marketing

The Emma Email Marketing tool has some great features that compare with other top email tools. Below are some of them:

Marketing automation – The best email campaigns are the ones that are well personalized and timely. It must also be relevant. With Emma, every workflow is adequately personalized so you can achieve greater results with your campaigns.

A/B testing – A/B testing is one of the basic features of any email marketing tool. It allows you to test two versions of an email to see which one performs better in terms of engagement. You can also track your email performance at all times.

Landing pages – With Emma, you can create landing pages for your email campaigns. For instance, if you sent out campaigns for subscribers to opt-in for an auto mechanic training class, Emma allows you to create a well-branded landing page on your website to compliment your campaign.

Analytics and reporting – Email marketing analytics is critical to the success of any email campaign. As such, Emma has a mailing score that is based on the number of persons that opened your email messages. There is also a click map that indicates where your contacts clicked the most.

Contact management – As with other email marketing tools, Emma allows you to import your contacts if they are in Excel file format. You can create list segmentation with your imported file. You can also use the sign-up form designer to collect data from your website.

Email campaign creation – Creating an email campaign with Emma is a breeze. The editor helps you to create simple designs that look very appealing. You can modify images right within the environment without using Photoshop. You can do a campaign preview after designing your email. The preview fits different devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablet. There are more than 200 templates to choose from.

Email campaign scanning – Email campaigns are automatically scanned to eliminate triggers that could come from the spam filter. Both the HTML and plain versions of your email are also checked before you click the send button. The email AI ensures everything is right before you send your campaign.

Exceptional customer support – Emma assigns you to a rep immediately after you sign up for a plan. The rep takes care of your issues at every point in time. Support is available through email, phone, social media, blog, video tutorials, and support forum.

Security – Emma doesn’t compromise when it comes to security. They have a dedicated security team that pinpoints vulnerability and respond appropriately. The company is ISO-27001 compliant.

Emma Email Marketing Tool Pricing 

Emma Email Marketing has three plans – Pro, Plus, and Emma HQ.

  • Pro – Starting from $89/monthly
  • Plus – Starting from $159/monthly
  • Emma HQ – Starting from $279/monthly

Note that each of the plans is based on yearly contracts. Click on the link https://myemma.com/pricing to see the core email benefits that come with each plan.

Is Emma email marketing suitable for my email campaigns?

Yes, the email tool is suitable for any email campaign no matter the industry.

It is best suited for industries such as restaurants, retail businesses, universities, franchises, nonprofits, fitness outfits, and agencies.

Can I make money with Emma email marketing tool?

As a marketer, you can recommend the software to small and large businesses and earn money by helping them run the program.

Another way is to have good products that you can sell with your email marketing campaigns. Ensure that your campaigns have a payment gateway like Stripe for easy online payment.

For now, you cannot make money directly by selling the tool as an affiliate marketer since the platform doesn’t have an affiliate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Emma offer API?

Answer: Yes, it does.

2. What type of support does Emma provide?

Answer: Emma provides phone, email, ticket, training, and live chat support.

3. Are there alternatives to Emma?

Answer: Yes, the alternatives are GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor.

4. Does Emma have a free plan?

Answer: No, it doesn’t have a free plan and free trial. You can only ask for a demo.


  • Ease of use: Emma email marketing platform is simple and easy to navigate. The user interface is great. There is a wide range of information in the form of blogs, webinars, and guides to help you use the platform effectively.
  • Impressive customer support: The fact that users are assigned a dedicated rep immediately after the sign-up is commendable. The other supportive resources such as phone, email, chat, etc. add valuable dimensions to keep their users engaged and loyal to the platform.
  • Pre-filtering of emails: Email campaigns are automatically filtered before being sent. This is a great feature to ensure your emails are clean enough to hit your customer’s inbox without landing in spam folders. It helps your email campaign remain always visible to your customers.
  • Intuitive email editor: The email builder is well-polished and equipped with some really useful editing and preview features. The options in the email editor help you send engaging emails with attractive visuals to lure your audiences.
  • Easy tracking: Emma offers important statistics related to open and click rates by your audiences. The metrics also cover the clicks with different preferences of your customers. The tracking and reporting help you accurately measure the performance of your email campaigns.


  • Integration is limited: The integration numbers need an improvement. Emma does offer integration with different apps but there are many popular names missing in their integration list.
  • Pricing plans not convenient: Emma email marketing tool is a bit pricey compared to other platforms in the same category. To make the matter worse, there are no monthly payment plans. The pricing is offered under annual contracts depending on the number of contacts you have.

Conclusion: Is the Emma email marketing tool recommended?

There is no doubt that Emma has got power-packed features that makes it compare favorably with its peers. Though, improvements are needed in some areas.

For example, there should be monthly subscription plans, instead of yearly contracts. Then, Emma should extend its integration with more apps like WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce, Drupal, AliExpress, WooCommerce, Stripe, and many more.

However, Emma is good in other areas. No one wants to have a bad reputation for sending campaigns. This is why Emma ensures that your campaigns are scanned before they are sent. This is a fantastic feature.

You cannot go wrong with over 200 campaign templates with an editor that helps you with easy customization. The automation is great and the contact management feature that allows you to import your list in Excel format brings more ease into your life.

If you are not looking for a sophisticated email tool, Emma is one campaign tool you should give a try.

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