Drip Email Marketing Program Review

Drip Email Marketing Program Review

There is no doubt using an e-mail marketing system is one of the best ways to build your customer base. In this article, read the Drip Email Marketing Program review that has better automation levels with lesser cost than MailChimp and GetResponse for improved customer relationships. 

Many e-mail marketing tools have a lot of similarities but Drip stands out from the pack. Without wasting any more time, let me jump into the review of the Drip e-mail automation system.

Drip Email Marketing Program Review

Drip is an e-mail marketing tool that is specifically designed for online retailers to assist them to convert prospects to paying clients. Drip helps your business to maximize sales by attracting repeated purchases from both new and old customers. The tool has excellent integration with many of the e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. 

If you are aiming to take your business to the next level by selling physical products online, then Drip is the right choice. E-commerce marketers will fall in love with some of the features that come with Drip like deep segmentation, detailed tracking, and comprehensive e-mail marketing automation. 

Drip helps you to send e-mails with pre-made templates. You can easily make your design if you don’t fancy any of the pre-made designs. Drip is affordable and cost-effective.

Drip Pricing Plan

Drip does not have a regimented plan. You can send messages to 500 contacts at just $19/month. With $39/month, you can reach 2,500 contacts. 3,000 contacts go for $49/month. Get $59/month for 3,500 contacts. The price for 4,000 contacts is $69/month while $89/month is for 5,000 contacts. Whichever option you choose comes with unlimited email sending.

A-List of Drip Features

  • Campaign planning
  • CRM integration
  • Conversion tracking
  • Email builder
  • Activity tracking
  • Content customization
  • Automatic notifications
  • Custom forms
  • Application integration
  • Customizable templates
  • Multi-campaign
  • Email templates
  • Visual workflow builder
  • API
  • A/B testing
  • Automation tagging
  • Campaign management
  • Third-party integration
  • Lead capture
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Tagging
  • Data migration
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Visitor targeting
  • ROI tracking
  • Subscriber management
  • Engagement analytics
  • Native reports with dashboard
  • Configurable workflow
  • Workflow editor for graphics
  • Event-triggered actions
  • Data import/export
  • Custom fields
  • Performance reports
  • Behavior and event tracking

A Summary of Drip Features

Drip Email Features

Click-through and open rate

Drip open rate is the rate at which recipients of your email open and read your email messages. The open rate comes with split testing that divides the mails between subject lines and sending times.

The drip click-through rate gives you details regarding the number of customers that clicked your email campaigns. This helps you to know the success rate of your email campaigns.

Marketing automation

Drip is a major player in marketing automation. E-Commerce brands are more focused on email marketing automation and Drip delivers perfectly in this area. The tool has an email builder that can be used to create different designs even though Drip has some good templates that can be used to jumpstart the process. 

It also has a lot of automation workflows with different readily built automation workflows to choose from. If you are not contented with the pre-built automation workflows, then, you are at liberty to build workflows that suit you with the builder.

Excellent personalization level

A good email marketing system should have a high personalization level. This means you should be able to effectively track the customers that integrate with you through your website. 

Drip makes this possible by integrating an e-commerce tracking system so customers can have a personalized experience when you want to reach out to them. The better part of it is that the process is straightforward and easy to set up.

Multiple channels of marketing

Marketing for e-commerce brands entails the use of emails and on-site interactions with customers but you can also integrate other channels like social media into your sales and marketing strategy. Drip makes this possible. 

The integration of Facebook and Instagram can increase conversion rates and improve sales. Another channel is text message functionality. You can also send postcards to customers or contacts through the mail.

Analytics and reporting

For any e-commerce brand, gathering reliable data from their email marketing campaigns is the only way to track their progress. The analytics and reporting that you get from Drip are not the most extensive but it gives you a clue concerning the impacts made in your marketing strategies. 

Drip comes with lead scores, conversion tracking, and customer progress overviews. Others are email reports, customizable dashboards, and many more built into the platform for ease of progress monitoring.

Drip vs. Mailchimp

It is important to compare Drip and MailChimp to see how the two stands. These comparisons will be done in three different areas.

  • Visual builderWhen it comes to a visual builder, Drip stands out from the crowd. The experience with Drip is very fluid compared to MailChimp. There are different colors to identify things like triggers, workflows, and more. It is like working on a whiteboard and the interface is very user-friendly.
  • Automation capacities – E-commerce marketing requires strong automation which Drip delivers seriously. Simple rules can be created with Drip to improve your campaigns and workflows automatically. Since Drip integrates well with many apps, it is easy for customers to trigger a wide range of automation with any action that is taken on the web.
  • Segmentation capabilities – Drip’s segmentation is based on tags. Using tags for segmentation is not unique to Drip but Drip does it quite differently. Customer’s behavior on the web is not the same, as such, Drip picks different behaviors from different sources so that visitors can have a personalized experience.

How to register and start using Drip

To start using Drip, visit https://www.drip.com/

Who is it for?

Drip is a wonderful Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool for e-commerce brands. It is an ideal marketing platform for online stores and anyone who sells physical products online.


  • Great customer service – Drip has a responsive customer service that responds to inquiries in no time 
  • Strong integrations – The tool is compatible with a lot of third-party software such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magneto, 3dcart, Privy, and 1ShoppingCart.
  • Easier to use – The user-friendly interface is very easy to use. The workflow is also simpler and faster to comprehend. 
  • Lead score generation – This is one of the outstanding advantages of using Drip. Lead scores are automatically generated for each subscriber.
  • Double opt-in – Drip comes with a double opt-in advantage. This ensures that your customers get the message right inside their inboxes. This also means that when the link of your website is sent, the receiver has to opt-in by clicking on the link to confirm their email addresses.


  • It comes with no sales reporting
  • It is relatively expensive
  • No To-Do list
  • The form builder has some limitations
  • No user-friendly analytics

Legit or scam

Drip is a legit tool with advanced features to build your e-mail listing and increase sales. 

Conclusion: Is the Drip Email Marketing program recommended?

Yes, Drip is recommended for you if:

  • You drive a lot of traffic every month
  • You want to reach out to many of your customers in different segments
  • You want to deploy more advanced techniques to market your online business

However, you won’t get the most out of Drip if you have few visitors in a month or just send basic e-mails.

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