Commission Magnets Review (2022): Magnetic enough to make money?

Commission Magnets Review

Can you make money by just offering bonuses and goodies to your readers? Does it guarantee that every reader who visits your website/page will click the bonus page and buy the products that will earn you commissions? Well, Commission Magnets thinks so. The questions are very relevant to online users who are into affiliate marketing and know the answers. But someone who is just entering the world of making money online will get excited and confused simultaneously. So, if the idea of sales funnels interests you then this Commission Magnets review is a must-read.

In this post, you will learn what Commission Magnets is, how it works, what products it offers, what are the pros and cons associated with it, and if it is really recommended from an affiliate marketing business perspective.

Commission Magnets Review: What is Commission Magnets?

Commission Magnets is a sales funnel software to convert visitors into customers. In simple words, Commission Magnets are ready-to-use sales pages with bonus offers, products, e-books, etc. that can be used to lure your visitors into buying customers.

Placing affiliate links and expecting clicks have a moderate to low conversion rate. It has been observed that people tend to take action faster if they get something extra than what is normally sold.

This is where Commission Magnets come into the picture. It provides DFY (Done For You) sales funnel packages including free product bonuses, pre-approved affiliate products, and email swipes to engage new customers.

The software also comes equipped with training on the fundamentals of doing affiliate marketing.

Who owns Commission Magnets?

Commission Magnets is a product of Omar and Melinda Martin who call themselves ‘The internet marketing power couple’. There is a long story of misery, debt, and early struggles faced by these two before they started making big money with this product.

Commission Magnets owners

The background is very common and recited by many people involved in affiliate marketing online business so that they relate with people like us.

On further research, Omar and Melinda are also co-founders of Higher Level Strategies Inc. company that offers solutions in internet and digital marketing. 

Some of the other popular courses from these two include My Unfair Advantage, Rapid Profit System, etc. which are also part of the Commission Magnets package.

How does Commission Magnets work?

Commission Magnets is a SaaS-based software that can be accessed from any device and location. You don’t have to install the program separately.

To access it, you have to be an affiliate member of the JVZOO affiliate network. Commission Magnets is one of the sources to sell JVZOO products as an affiliate.

Registered JVZOO members can find Commission Magnets in the ‘Find Products’ section. Once you find the product you can go ahead and purchase the product to start using its features.

How much does Commission Magnets cost?

There is a one-time fee of $297 to buy the software. The purchase will give you access to:

  • 40+ bonus products
  • 7 customized DFY bonus pages
  • Delivery docs in PDF format
  • 40+ emails and posts
  • 6-hour video training
  • Instant affiliate approval for JVZOO products

Once you have purchased the software, you can then use it to promote products. The Commission Magnets bonus pages are linked to the original product displayed as free takeaways.

What do you get with Commission Magnets?

Commission Magnets consist of the following features:

40+ bonus products – These are the bonus products that you can offer as free giveaways to the customers who buy the products through your affiliate links.

There are a total of 40 products on different topics. The products are pre-built and customizable at the same time so that you can add your own information to make it look more personal.

Commission Magnets product bonus

The products are ‘done for you’ which means you don’t have to do anything yourself. When you click on a particular product, it opens a standard page where you can customize the details while offering products.

You can enter a custom headline, and a custom video URL. You can also share the bonus page URL as a download option.

All the bonus products have learning material and videos. The product pages do seem to be effective and of high quality.

7 DFY bonus pages – These are ‘done for you’ bonus pages that work like a one-page website hosted by Commission Magnets. These are the actual products that you will promote as affiliates.

The bonus pages include 7 products originally created by Omar and Melinda. These are Buzzinar, Rapid Profit system, Funnel Boss, Content Nitrous, Internet Selling for Newbies (ISFN), My Unfair Advantage, and Internet Marketing Clinic.

Commission Magnets bonus pages

There is an additional bonus page with a Generous bonus kit that you can use to promote any other product outside of Commission Magnets.

When one of the customers clicks on the page link/URL of these products it opens the bonus page with learning material and videos along with a ‘Get your bonus now’ button. It also includes the bonus products and the purchase details with your affiliate ID.

Customers who purchase the product get the bonus products and you get to earn commissions from Commission Magnets.

Emails and adverts (posts) – Commission Magnets offer emails and adverts that can be used to market your products. The email swipes and professionally-written posts come in 6 pre-built formats with each bonus page.

Commission Magnets emails
Commission Magnets adverts

Using these emails and adverts helps you attract traffic to your web page. The content written is based on the experience of its creators. This will save you time and effort spent on researching and writing the content especially if you are a beginner.

Delivery docs – Delivery docs are simply PDF documents readily available to send bonus products to your customers. Again, this is a time-saving factor for you as an affiliate.

The product bonuses are placed in PDF format and the best way to deliver them is through email or the JVZOO file sending option.

Commission Magnets also provide an option to download the files through cloud-hosting. This is an alternative to delivery docs where your customers are directed to a download page. This page contains the main product you are promoting and the bonuses associated with it.

Commission Magnets delivery docs

The additional benefit of this download page is you can include promotion of other products with your affiliate links that can help you make more money.

Video training – There is a 5-module video training on offer to learn the process of using the Commission Magnets and make money.

The training is divided into 5-sections starting with assembling the audience. In this more than 1-hour long webinar the creator teaches you how to identify and locate the targeted audience. This will help you find customers who are actually looking for products like Commission Magnets to make money and are more likely to become your buying customers.

The second video is called constructing the bridge which is 45-minutes long. This will show you how to connect with your audience and convince them to buy your product. The training focuses on providing an insight into how the products work and benefit your prospects which is the core of buying any product.

Commission Magnets video training

The next video is on bonus incentives. In this more than half an hour-long webinar, you will be taught to add bonuses to your promotional campaigns. The teachings focus on what and how to do this step-by-step.

Video number 4 is about looking for the best offers to promote. The training is called the perfect offer & the glue and it takes more than an hour to learn the secrets of finding and choosing the best offers/products.

The fifth and last video is on delivering your offers. The webinar is just 22-mins long and teaches you how to deliver the goods to your customers who have bought their first product through your affiliate link. The training will show you the ways and methods used to make your customers come back for more.

There is also a bonus training video that teaches how to design your own affiliate funnels like a pro created by Omar. Every training module has a note section and other training material to download.

Instant Affiliate approval and JVZOO approval codes – This is an additional advantage of purchasing Commission Magnets. As part of JVZOO’s affiliate policy, affiliates are required to ask for approval before promoting any product.

But with Commission Magnets, affiliates are automatically approved to promote the 7 core products such Buzzinar, Rapid Profit system, My Unfair Advantage, etc. with instant approval.

You also get secret approval codes from JVZOO to promote another 19 products other than Commission Magnets.

Does Commission Magnets have a refund policy?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee to ask for a refund in case you are not satisfied with Commission Magnets for any reason. The refund should be backed by a copy of your JVZOO receipt and personal information with login details.

However, if you have purchased any upsells in the process of promoting Commission Magnets there is no refund on such upsell products. In case, you don’t want to use these upsell products there is an option to cancel the membership by submitting a ticket.

Who is Commission Magnets for?

Many people find creating sales/landing pages difficult. Some are not sure about the products to promote and some get involved in capturing leads through different email marketing solutions.

Commission Magnets is meant for such people looking to consolidate all these aspects of affiliate marketing in one place.

In short, it is a well-made product targeted at pro-level affiliate marketers who are just lazy or want to save time in creating bonus products/pages.

People and entities involved in affiliate marketing, internet marketing, digital marketing, and anyone who is interested in making money online can use Commission Magnets.

Can you make money with Commission Magnets?

There is a projected earning screenshot on the Commission Magnets website which shows $792 as the daily average income. If you are new to affiliate marketing this will surely entice you to grab the product and start making money.

However, as an experienced affiliate marketer, I know how much learning, effort, and time is required to earn that size of money.

There is a whole process behind affiliate marketing and the core part of it is driving traffic to your website/page. Unless you do this, you won’t have too many visitors coming to this Commission Magnets web page and earning you money.

Yes, bonus pages/products are important but they are only a small part of affiliate marketing’s whole concept and strategy. It is effective in converting a big chunk of visitors into customers but not without you putting in some investment upfront, and working hard to excel in the SEO techniques which will improve the traffic.

To be honest, more than bonuses and free gifts people look for genuine products that offer great value and return on investment. Finding such products and writing meaningful content around them with a couple of freebies of your choice is convincing enough to make sales and earn money.

Is Commission Magnets a scam?

Commission Magnets is not a scam. The product is one of the packaged bundles of Omar and Melinda Martins’ Higher Level Strategies Inc. which is in existence since 2009. The couple is renowned for providing effective online learning material and videos related to affiliate marketing.

The product itself is not a scam until you purchase it through its official website. Some online marketers promoting Commission Magnets as affiliates may convince you to buy it with fake reviews and lots of other bonuses which I don’t recommend personally.

Is Commission Magnets worth its pricing?

Commission Magnets are sales/affiliate funnels costing $297 as a one-time fee. The product is a combination of promotional tools and affiliate marketing training.

The average rating for this product on JVZOO is more than 4-stars with more than 43k sales which are really good. The refund rate is within 5% which means people buying this product are very much satisfied.

The pricing is on the higher side but it can bring a good return on investments if you are looking to increase the affiliate clicks and conversion rates.

Having said that, these are sales pages that you can create using any page builder or landing page service provider. Yes, there is effort and time required but it will save you a big chunk of money.

There are enough free themes and free version email service providers that offer excellent page building blocks and landing page options to create sales funnels. So, if you would like to do it on your own then you can avoid using Commission Magnets.


Easy to use – Commission Magnets is easy to use. The software can be accessed by just creating an account with JVZOO which is super simple.

Navigation, attending webinars, and using magnets to promote do not require any technical skill or knowledge.

Readymade sales funnel – You get user-friendly ‘done for you’ sales funnel products/pages. The sales pages/products can be further customized to make them look like your own product.

The readymade sales funnel come with a number of other benefits such as delivery docs and downloadable pages.

30-day money-back guarantee – This is a good reason to promote and buy the product yourself. Assured refunds create faith and trust among the audience who may not hesitate to try the product first-hand.


It is pricey – Paying $297 upfront just for sales funnels is costly. Even though it’s a one-time cost but you may have to spend money on learning the aspects of affiliate marketing and driving traffic to your web page. This could certainly add up a few hundred dollars to your running cost.

Limited audience – Sales funnels or pages can be used to promote common products. The strategy may not work for affiliates or businesses that work in a specific niche. This can limit your audience reach and earning capacity.

Conclusion: Is Commission Magnets recommended?

Commission Magnets is aimed at people looking to make money online with readymade affiliate funnels. It is not a complete package to make money but may work in bits and pieces.

Affiliate marketing is not about just creating funnels. As mentioned earlier, you will have to drive traffic to your affiliate funnels. Whether you do it through free traffic methods such as SEO or paid ones like Commission Magnets the choice is yours.

The pricing could be intimidating. Paying close to $300 is not affordable for everyone especially people who are just entering the world of making money online with a tight budget. You will have to keep another few hundred dollars to implement your learnings.

If you opt to buy any upsell the cost could go into thousands of dollars. Affiliate marketing works well if done with conventional methods of driving free traffic. Agreed, this takes time and effort but still remains a powerful way to make passive income online.

I have seen rich affiliates making consistent money just by promoting valuable products with a few bonuses of their own. They rely on content marketing and SEO techniques. If you want to learn this then check my no.1 recommendation here.

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