Color Street Nails MLM (Review 2022): Make Money Selling Nail Polish Strips?

Color Street Nails MLM

Do you have a passion for keeping your nails beautiful, in shape, and attractive? Do you like to show them off at parties, social gatherings, etc.? If yes, here is a chance to make money with your passion and exposure. Enter Color Street Nails MLM.

Color Street is an MLM company that offers nail polish strips, and other makeup products in the beauty segment. Using and selling them also give you a chance to make commissions in the long run. Want to know more?

In this Color Street Nails MLM review post, I will tell you what exactly Color Street is, how it operates, if you can make money selling its products, the pros, and cons of joining its MLM program, and much more.

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Color Street Nails MLM Review

What exactly is Color Street and how does it operate?

Color Street is into selling of nail polish strips that started in 2017. The company later expanded its product line into lip colors and other makeup items and is headquartered in New Jersey.

Color Street operates on a business model popularly known as MLM or Multilevel Marketing. Here, individuals are offered an earning opportunity to become Color Street Independent Stylists who can make money selling its products.

There is no fixed salary and to compensate for the efforts of its stylists Color Street offers a compensation plan which works on the number of products sold and people referred to the company.

Who is Color Street owned by?

Color Street Founder

Color Street is the dream come true for its founder Fa Park who invented the idea of creating nail polish strips in 1988.

Fa Park spotted a woman performing nail polish in a traditional way which he found very time-consuming.

After decades of research and experiments, the idea took shape and Fa Park introduced nail polish strips to the world in retail markets.

Encouraged by the retail market success and inspired by his own experience in direct selling he founded Color Street in 2017 and decided to share his innovation with the world through network marketing.

About Color Street MLM and how it works

Color Street MLM is where people (primarily women because Color Street sells women-oriented products) can join and work as Independent Stylist to earn commissions on selling different Color Street products.

The MLM program is very much similar to other typical MLM companies. It offers training that teaches its members how to sell the products and recruit people. To do this, Color Street offers a set of business tools, resources, and support.

Color Street Starter Kit

To work with the MLM program, you will have to buy a starter kit worth $129. This starter kit will give access to catalogs, brochures, nail strips, and other popular Color Street products. The overall value of the products included in the starter kit is more than $250.

Using this starter kit will give you the feeling of how Color Street product works. If you like it, you can start sharing the products by organizing social parties, or through online resources offered by Color Street.

Once you start receiving orders you are good to make money and obtain eligibility to participate in the Color Street compensation plan.

Now, that you have understood what is Color Street and how it works let’s look at –

Color Street products

Color Street is known for nail polish strips. In fact, they have pioneered the process of producing high-quality nail strips that looks gorgeous and are very easy to apply.

Here’s a video on how to use and apply Color Street nail strips.

Solids, Glitter & Design are the main categories for nail strips. There is a wide array of attractive colors, beautiful designs, trending patterns, and even festival and season collections on nail strips. This makes them really competitive.

Color Strip Nail Strips

There are no specific ingredients used while making Color Street nail strips. They are actually made of real nail polish with the difference that they are printed on paper for better use.

There are no harmful chemicals such as vinyl, or acrylics which are most common in other nail polish brands.

Lip care solutions are the other products sold by Color Street. There are no innovative items here but what you get are vibrant colors, glossy lipsticks, lip balms, and primers to enhance your lip appearance.

Color Street Lip Care

Color Street is still in the process of expanding its product range with more offerings in the makeup category.

All the Color Street products fall under the 30-day return and refund policy. Users looking to exchange the products should do so within 60 days of purchase.

Are Color Street products worth their pricing?

You don’t have to pay a fortune to buy these small-looking nail items. A pack of 16 strips costs no more than $12 which is very much in everyone’s range.

Color Street Nail Strip cost

Affordability is not an issue however when you compare Color Street nail strips to other similar products here is what you can get.

These are some of the best-selling nail strips on Amazon. You can find some nail strips cheaper than Color Street and some expensive but not to the extent of what you pay in salons.

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to reviews and ratings. According to Trustpilot, the products and customer service from Color Street deserve more than 4-stars.

Color Street Reviews

This confirms that Color Street products are not compromised from a quality perspective. I won’t say Color Street products are overly expensive but you can always find better alternatives that can save you a big chunk of money.

How to make money with Color Street MLM?

To make money one has to become an independent stylist of Color Street and work as per its compensation plan.

This basically means that you have to –

Sell Color Street products through social gatherings or eSuite tools. This will result in earning retail commissions.

Secondly, ask your friends, family, and retail customers to join your team for selling more products. Once you have a big team Color Street offers bonuses, and incentives to help you make more money.

Color Street Compensation Plan

Here is a detailed explanation of how Color Street rewards its Independent Stylist with its compensation plan.

Retail commissions – As a stylist, you can make a 15% retail commission by achieving a personal volume of up to 299PV. This means selling products worth $299 to make close to $45.

The percentage increases to 35% when you start achieving more than 300PV in product sales and improve your personal level as well.

Membership levels are divided into 4 different phases. Here is the table on Color Street membership levels.

Color Street Levels

As you see, there are a total of 20 levels. To get promoted, there are rank qualification requirements. Here, one has to remain active by achieving a personal volume of 300PV and also ensure a certain sales volume which is known as Group Volume from their downlines.

Every level has a GV requirement as well as 1 or more downline promotion requirements which lead to standard retail commissions of up to 35% and –

Color Street Compensation Plan

Rank Promotion Bonuses – This is paid one-time to members who remain active and achieved the last two senior levels in the first phase and for the remaining 4 levels in the second phase.

The bonuses start at $50 and are paid up to $600.

Promotion to different levels makes you eligible for –

Level Bonuses – Level bonuses are paid between 2% to 8% depending on the personal level achieved. First-level stylists are excluded from such bonuses.

The bonus percentage is calculated on the personal and group volume requirements for each level. Next is –

Generation Bonuses – A generation bonus is applicable for members who have achieved Senior Team Leader rank which is the last part of the 2nd phase.

This bonus is in addition to retail commissions, and level bonuses. There are no rank promotion bonuses paid here.

The bonus percentage is between 2% to 5%. The last part of bonuses is –

Build Wide Build Smart Bonus – This type of bonus is paid to the directorship phase level which is the 4th and last phase.

All the members in this level are paid between 0.5% to 2% bonuses in addition to standard commissions and level-based bonuses.

There are no over-complexities in the Color Street compensation plan, unlike other MLMs which are much more detailed and complicated.

Visit the link above for a better view and understanding.

How much can you make selling Color Street?

Color Street is too kind to release an Income Disclosure Statement of its Independent Stylists. This is not very common among MLMs and releasing such documents reflects the transparency and genuineness of Color Street.

The statement is proof that you can make money with Color Street and the company does pay its MLM members.

The numbers in the document are not too encouraging though. Typically, most MLM companies offer insights on the monthly and annual average income excluding any expenses.

Color Street statement has two tables that include both the information on income with expenses and vice versa.

Color Street Income Disclosure Statement

The company clearly states that the income shown in the second table includes expenses pertaining to the starter kits and eSuite maintenance.

This means other expenses incurred on traveling, gas, marketing, or promotions should be added while calculating net income.

Anyway, let’s consider the second table (including expenses) and evaluate how much one can make selling Color Street.

People who joined as Stylist were able to earn an average income of $9 per month. The percentage of stylists who achieved this feat was less than 60% which means 40% of the stylists who joined Color Street could not make any income in their first year.

Considering other expenses that are not included the first-year earnings could definitely come down to zero. This is very discouraging.

However, there is some good news for people who continued their stint with Color Street for a long time. The second-level stylists were able to earn a respectable income of $144 per month. The income figures keep increasing with the increase in position.

This proves that you cannot make money easily with Color Street. You will have to spend money, incur losses, and persist with it for more than a year to see some real money.

The figures may vary according to every individual’s personal situation, effort, and selling and recruitment abilities. Don’t expect to earn a four-figure income in a quick time because Color Street is an MLM where the success ratio is very rare.

Is Color Street a scam?

Color Street is a legitimate company that sells beauty products since 2017. It offers an earning opportunity to individuals who can sell its products and make money. The company does pay the members based on performance so it is definitely not a scam.

You may term it a scam if you are not able to make money. This is quite usual as people who join MLMs have a misconception of making a full-time income in less time whereas actually, it’s the complete opposite.

Is Color Street a pyramid scheme?

No. Color Street is not a pyramid scheme. Some people term it a pyramid scheme in disguise based on the compensation plan it offers. The structure clearly shows that you can make money if you have more people on your team.

But the numbers have no value if your team members cannot make sales or purchase the products. Just keeping them under your sponsorship will not turn your fortune.

Secondly, pyramid scheme companies do not have any valuable products or services. They make profits only by recruiting people which is not the case with Color Street.

Color Street Complaints

Can Color Street ruin or damage your nails? Some users complain that Color Street ruined or weakened their nails.

The answer to this lies in their nail polish remover which contains chemicals causing damage to nails.

Most of the issues related to nail damage and issues are appropriately answered in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Color Street Nails an MLM?

Yes. Color Street Nails is an MLM. The MLM program is a business model where individuals can sign up as Independent Stylists.

These people are then trained to promote and sell Color Street products through social gatherings and business tools.

In return, the company pays them retail commissions on selling products and bonuses for recruiting more people.

Is Color Street direct selling?

Yes, direct selling is the main source of earning profits for Color Street. Its founder Fa Park has vast experience in direct selling and this is the reason he started Color Street to distribute its products via this method.

The company claims to offer entrepreneurship to individuals who love selling products directly to their friends, family, and loved ones.

Can I sell Color Street on Amazon?

Officially Color Street products are only sold through Independent Stylists. Selling outside of network marketing is strictly against the T&C and obligations of Color Street.

You will find a few Color Street products available on Amazon and this definitely is a breach of the code of conduct which can lead to penalties and even the termination of Independent Stylists.

How much does it cost to become a Color Street consultant?

It costs a minimum of $129 to become a consultant. This is against the purchase of a starter kit required to enroll in the Color Street MLM program.

A $9.95 monthly fee is another requirement to maintain an eSuite that includes a website, virtual back office, ongoing training, and other marketing tools.

In addition, one may need to spend more on purchasing/selling the products (worth $50 every month) to keep their membership active.

What is comparable to Color Street nail strips?

BeneYou (Jamberry) , Dashing Divas, and Maskcara are some of the alternatives to Color Street Nail strips.


Still in Momentum – Color Street still has that momentum that new MLM companies attract in their initial phase. Not that it’s too much but enough to create curiosity and belief in the minds of people to try their products.

Such momentum is important from a selling perspective. This also gives an advantage to its distributors who can climb the ladder of top-level positions, instrumental in generating passive income.

Uncompromised quality – Nail polish strips are real winners for Color Street. The quality is still uncompromised even after half decade of existence.

It shows that Color Street is dedicated to offering high-quality products to its customers. This is a good sign considering the competition and trustworthiness required to remain in the business for a long time.

Good reviews and ratings – Owing to the quality, Color Street has gathered good reviews and ratings for its products.

The company keeps coming out with new designs, and colors every year to meet the demands and trends of its customers.


Restricted audience – Color Street product category is primarily dedicated to women. Nail polish strips and other makeup items are not unisex products so this makes the audience reach restricted only to women.

Gender-specific products have low turn-out so your earnings too will remain limited.

Service-related issues – There are quite a few complaints and issues raised by its distributors and customers alike on BBB.

Most of the complaints are associated with product delivery and distributor’s account setup/cancellation.

Although, nearly 80% of them are responded to and resolved it certainly leaves a bad impression especially, from a joining perspective.

Low-income potential and demanding recruitment – 15% are what an entry-level stylist can earn as retail commissions. This is very much on the lower side compared to traditional MLM commissions of 25% to 30%.

This also leads to the fact that you have to sell more and simultaneously keep adding people to your team to increase your earnings.

It has been seen that constant recruitment has impacted the overall performance of distributors working with MLMs. If you fail in recruiting people, there is a risk of losing your investments and membership.

Conclusion: Is Color Street Nails MLM worth it and recommended?

Color Street is somewhat unique in its product offering and existence. It is not too old as a company and this goes in favor of those distributors looking to showcase their selling and recruitment capabilities.

It provides ample opportunity to stay in the business for a long time which is essential for every MLM to gain financial benefits.

On the other hand, success with Color Street MLM won’t be easy. Gender-specific products, lower commission rates, and demanding levels of recruitment can affect the sustainability aspect of your business.

The logic of finding success with Color Street is simple. Sell more, recruit more, stay more, and invest more. If you can do this consistently for a year or two then give Color Street MLM a try.

Otherwise, there are many options to find financial success beyond MLMs. Just Google the term ‘Make Money Online’ and research them according to your needs. In case you want to save time on researching then check my personal recommendation below.

It has all the tools, training, resources, and support to help you jumpstart and implement an online business. The cost is lower than what you pay for Color Street MLM and ROI is far superior if you implement your learnings step-by-step dedicatedly.

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