Chinabrands Review: Is it worth joining for your dropshipping business?

Chinabrands Review

Do you want to increase your sales? Do you need a reliable and reputable company with great customer service that can help your business grow? If so, then Chinabrands is the perfect company for you. In this Chinabrands review post, we will look at some of the features of Chinabrands, its pricing and answer some frequently asked questions before giving our conclusion on whether or not it’s worth it to work with it.

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Chinabrands Review: What is Chinabrands?

Chinabrands is a global marketplace dedicated to helping sellers around the world operate an online store that will sell quickly and easily. It is committed to offering shoppers cross-border e-commerce supply chain solutions making it easy for customers to start an online business from any location in their country or globally.

How does Chinabrands work?

The membership criterion to use Chinabrands services is to sell their products to your customers and forward the order details. All the packaging, shipping, and delivery to your customers are taken care of by Chinabrands.

How do I register for the Chinabrands account?

Registering your new Chinabrands seller account is easy, you can sign-up in a few minutes by clicking “Selling on this site” from the homepage or through any of their mobile apps. Visit
to register your account.

Features of Chinabrands

You get some useful features with Chinabrands:

  1. Intuitive Interface: Chinabrands has an intuitive interface that is easy for people without e-commerce experience.
  2. Multiple Payment Options: Chinabrands have many payment options and languages with worldwide shipping.
  3. Customized Pricing: If you want to change your pricing, Chinabrands provide the live price conversion service in order for sellers not to lose out on profit margins when selling across different currencies.
  4. Product Automation: It also offers automatic product updates so inventory stays up-to-date which saves time and money from manually updating products every day or week.
  5. Personalized Store: All stores on Chinabrands systems can be customized with custom designs, colors, fonts, and logos so it looks just like yours.
  6. Free Shipping Worldwide: Free shipping is available worldwide which means customers in different regions pay the same amount or less than they would if ordering from their home country’s e-commerce site.

The benefits of using Chinabrands

There are some benefits of using chinabrands for your dropshipping business:

  • SKU Source: With Chinabrands, you get access to more than 100,000 SKUs from 5,000 suppliers. The SKU source is helpful in providing beautiful pictures in multiple languages such as English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Warehousing: Chinabrands has 40 warehouses worldwide. All products undergo rigorous quality checks before they are shipped to customers, and orders can be delivered in 24 hours or less.
  • Logistics: Chinabrands cooperates with over 400 logistics channels across 200+ countries. Customers can purchase your products from various online stores through Chinabrands, including eBay, Wish, Lazada, Shopee, Linio, and more.
  • Support: Chinabrands has 15 docks to support the process of sending and uploading orders from stores, as well as opening API interfaces so all independent websites can dock.

Chinabrands Pricing

Chinabrands is an online shop, where you can have access to a large number of products. You do not need any registration fee before seeing product descriptions and prices. However, if you want to be a VIP member, you will have to pay an amount of money for this package service.

It costs an additional $US 3.99 each month for VIP Members and is a great deal if you want to buy the products at lower prices.

Boosting sales is a permanent way to change your VIP level. Normal levels are not eligible, it is for VIP members only.

There are five levels for you to choose from in terms of membership:

Registered member, VIP member, VIP Bronze member, VIP Silver Member, and finally a VIP Gold Member.

Based on your club level, you will be able to enjoy 1%, 2%, or 3% discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits of selling goods online via this platform?

Answer: Sellers get access to an extensive customer base, worldwide distribution, and the opportunity to access advanced marketing tools.

  1. Is Chinabrands free to use?

Answer: Yes, Chinabrands is free to use.

  1. What are the benefits of using Chinabrands warehouse?

Answer: All sellers on Chinabrands site may rent warehouses and enjoy the various advantages that come with it like more storage space for your products and improved shipping rates.

  1. How do I sell my product successfully over Chinabrands?

Answer: Take good care when preparing your listings by following Chinabrands guidelines in order to draw attention from potential buyers and increase your sales volume.

  1. Is Chinabrands safe and legit?

Answer: Yes, Chinabrands is 100% legit and a safe site to use. They have verified their authenticity with the Trustpilot seal, and all of their data centers are secure so your personal information will be protected.

  1. Is Chinabrands good for dropshipping?

Answer: Yes, Chinabrands is a great place to find bulk wholesale products that will allow you to sell them at high margins.


  • Chinabrands offers 500,000 different products in categories such as phones, motorbikes, clothing for men and women, jewelry, etc.
  • Chinabrands quality of the products is good.
  • Chinabrands account membership not only entitles buyers to periodic discounts but also downloads of high-quality images and product descriptions.
  • With the updated API linking technology, you can be alerted to new products immediately after they are released on sites such as eBay.
  • You also get crucial information about your store sooner so you can never miss any important updates or opportunities to address problems in your store online.
  • The delivered orders are approved and processed automatically, saving time efficiently.
  • In a nutshell, Chinabrands is an expansive platform that allows manufacturers and sellers to work with each other.
  • Chinabrands offers a strong worldwide logistics system including warehouses in the UK, US, Europe, Russia, and Hong Kong.
  • Chinabrands is also partnered with multiple reputable couriers, such as DHL and EMS, to ensure that the package arrives on time at your customers’ doorstep.


  • Chinabrands lacks a number of famous and reputed brands.
  • Chinabrands should come up with a clear introduction of the platform, its features, and allegations about it in order to provide readers a good understanding.

Conclusion: Is Chinabrands recommended?

Chinabrands is a good online platform for selling goods. It comes with many benefits which are not found in other platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, or eBay. However, Chinabrands lacks the number of reputed brands that their competitors have.

Still, I recommend you give Chinabrands online store (or your own) chance because it offers many advantages.

At the same time, the company should come up with more marketing strategies so they can attract more buyers and sellers into their marketplace.

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