Cheapflights Affiliate Program Review: Earn Money Traveling!

Cheapflights Affiliate Program Review

Do you travel frequently? Do you book flights and accommodation online? If the answer is yes, then you should know that you can earn big money with your booking site. There are a few booking/traveling websites that run profitable affiliate programs. Since these websites have a huge turnout of visitors every day with a growing network, the amount of money is also high. One of the travel websites falling into this category is Cheapflights. In this Cheapflights Affiliate Program review you will know how the program works, its pros, and what are some of its drawbacks.

Cheapflights is one of the most popular travel sites in the world, offers an affiliate program that allows bloggers to promote their site and earn generous commissions.

What is Cheapflights? An Overview

Cheapflights is an international fare metasearch engine managed by Booking Holdings Inc. Their website is part of which is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings.

Cheapflights supplies flight ticket prices and searches through major airlines in addition to smaller travel agencies.

Cheapflights originated in the UK and later on launched in the U.S in 2003. Cheapflights sees more than 120 million visitors each year. By using their proprietary, and independent technology to search and compare travel partner inventory they facilitate much-needed deals for those seeking affordable flights.

Cheapflights Affiliate Program Review: What is Cheapflights Affiliate Program?

Cheapflights have an affiliate program that you can join via Commission Junction. The affiliate program will allow making money for sending traffic to their partners.

If your website drives traffic from outside the U.S you have to join their Global Program in webgains.

The affiliate program can make you earn decent commissions on booking clicks and ad revenues across traveling sources and packages.

How does Cheapflights Affiliate Program work?

Once you join the Cheapflights affiliate program you will get access to useful affiliate tools and resources such as links, widgets, and banners to make you run your affiliate program successfully.

You have to apply the widgets, embed the banners in the form of images, and insert text links into your website content to attract traffic.

Depending on the number of clicks through each resource Cheapflights offers commissions on every booking for traveling and accommodation.

How to join the Cheapflights Affiliate Program?

Signing up for the Cheapflights affiliate program is free.

You can join the Cheapflights affiliate program through commission junction. Visit to complete your profile registration.

How to start making money with the Cheapflights Affiliate Program? 

Once you have signed up and your account is approved you can start using the affiliate resources and products on your website.

You can use the widgets, text links, and ad banners on your website to attract traffic. You can promote Cheapflights through your Blogs, SEO, and Social Media platforms.

The Cheapflights affiliate program offers $0.45 per click-out for desktop and tablet and $0.25 per click-out for mobile.

Cheapflights pay their affiliates a fixed commission for your referral clicks through one of the Cheapflights partner deals.

What are the benefits of joining the Cheapflights Affiliate Program? 

Some of the benefits of joining the Cheapflights Affiliate Program are:

  • Cheapflights has a simple sign-up and integration process. There is no upfront payment to join the affiliate program and you can seamlessly integrate the affiliate resources into your traffic platforms.
  • The traveling and vacationing niche will never die down. You will find a huge number of people visiting these websites irrespective of any season and location. Getting affiliate clicks on such websites become much easier.
  • The resources provided by Cheapflights are very useful. The widgets and banners have universal dimensions to fit your website and other traffic resources and attractive enough to invite clicks.
  • Cheapflights has a network of more than 6 billion users every year and growing along with 2 million properties worldwide. This makes it the most reputed and trustworthy platform among the global audience. You don’t have to worry about finding the details and convincing your audience to buy Cheapflights products and services.
  • The affiliate program support is very supportive. Commission Junction affiliate network is a renowned and trustworthy affiliate partner. You can concentrate on building and promoting your affiliate business leaving the rest on commission junction’s affiliate support.

Can you really make money with Cheapflights Affiliate Program? 

Making money with affiliate programs depends on various factors such as your own affiliate network, website authority, your dedication, and your traffic resources.

You can earn generous commissions with the Cheapflights affiliate program that are based on clicks generated on flights, cars, hotels, and holiday packages.

The traveling industry surely gives you the advantage of making a good amount of money every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Cheapflights affiliate program free to join?

Answer: Yes, the Cheapflights affiliate program is free to join.

  1. What do I need to succeed with the Cheapflights Affiliate Program?

Answer: To succeed you need to focus on targeting quality customers interested in completing reservations for you. This will maximize both the conversion rate and commission earnings.

  1. Are the widgets and banners easy to integrate with our websites?

Answer: Yes, the widgets are available in different sizes such as 300×250, 728×90, 400×400, 120×600, 275×470, 675×370, and the banners can be embedded as a static or animated image onto your websites for easy integration.

  1. How to contact the affiliate program support?

Answer: You can send an email to for support contact.

  1. Is the Cheapflights affiliate program legit?

Answer: Yes, the Cheapflights affiliate program is 100% legit. It is not a scam.


  • The Cheapflights affiliate program is free to join.
  • The affiliate support is very helpful.
  • Cheapflights offers generous commissions at $0.45 per click.
  • Cheapflights has a global presence and a high number of visitors every month.
  • The Cheapflights affiliate program has multiple affiliate resources such as links, banners, and ads.
  • You can earn a commission for every person who books travel and accommodation through your link.
  • The affiliate payments are processed every month.
  • Cheapflights provide exclusive deals and offers for their affiliates.


  • Traveling is a very competitive affiliate niche.
  • Limited affiliate support resources

Conclusion: Is the Cheapflights Affiliate Program recommended?

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money and enjoy traveling, there are many benefits of joining the Cheapflights affiliate program.

Cheapflights has been reliable in paying out commissions and has better commission rates. Their affiliate network is very supportive. Above all, a traveling niche is always productive for affiliate marketers at the same time competitive too.

There are some downsides of joining the Cheapflights affiliate program such as convincing the audience to click, and lack of support channels.

Even with the flaws, I recommend you to join the Cheapflights affiliate program that can add immense value and money to your existing affiliate revenue.

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