Campaigner Email Marketing Review: Powerful Email Campaign Features

Campaigner Email Marketing Review

If you want to convert your email into revenue you will have to look for an email marketing tool that is beyond the ordinary. You would need a tool that can drive sales to an unprecedented height. There are many tools out there but the Campaigner email marketing tool stands out from the crowd. I will tell you more about the features, pricing, pros, and cons in this Campaigner email marketing review.

Campaigner comes with plenty of advanced features to help you achieve your goals anytime you want to engage in any email marketing campaigns.

Some of the advanced features include marketing automation, great personalization through SMS and email, intuitive reporting, A/B testing, campaign performance analysis, and more. Continue reading to know more about Campaigner.

New to Email Marketing?

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What is Campaigner Email Marketing?

Campaigner is an email marketing tool with powerful advanced features designed for small, medium, and large businesses to increase conversions and rake in revenue.

It is also used by many Fortune 500 companies. The software integrates well with e-commerce apps like Shopify and Magento.

The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes the creation of emails extremely easy. You can make changes to your email campaigns, read customers’ feedback, and test which email campaign gives you the best result through the A/B testing feature.

It is the all-in-one email marketing software that can push your business beyond the frontiers.

How does Campaigner work?

To start using Campaigner, you either choose the 30-day free trial or go for a paid plan. Visit and click on “Sign Up” to get started.

Features of Campaigner

Campaigner has got many advanced features that set it aside from the rest. Below are some of them:

Plenty of templates – Campaigner has more than 900 templates. This is probably the largest selection any email service provider has offered. The templates can easily be customized. You can also create your own templates.

Signup forms – Campaigner does not come with built-in signup forms. But you can create a customized signup form and embed it into your website or blog.

Contact management – When it comes to contact management, Campaigner has got some of the best management tools you can find in the email marketing industry. It allows you to import your lists or import contacts. This eliminates the painful process of manually adding the contacts one after the other.

There are different ways to import contact. It could be by uploading a CSV file or downloading a complete address book from your email clients like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and others.

Personalized content segmentation – This helps you to personalize your content with ease. With Campaigner, you can sort your contacts and divide them into different categories based on the kind of marketing targets you want to achieve.

Reporting and analytics – Campaigner provides you with detailed reports relating to your email marketing activities. It provides you with different statistics like the number of emails sent; bounce rate, open rate, delivery rate, and unsubscribes.

A/B split testing – Campaigner allows you to test two emails to know which one would be preferred by your audience. The A/B split testing helps to improve the performance of your email campaigns. You can always adjust your campaigns to maintain relevance with your audience.

Mobile app – You don’t have to be with your computer all the time. You can do everything you do on the computer on the mobile app from anywhere. It is compatible with Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Apple devices.

If you spend a lot of time outside the home or office, the app will make a good companion. It allows you to stay connected to your contacts; generate leads, check email reports, and much more.

Integration – Campaigner has got great integration to help you achieve your email marketing campaign goals. It integrates with apps like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Surveytown, PieSync, Shopify, and Magento.

Excellent customer support – Customer support is one aspect that is of utmost importance to users of any email marketing tool. Campaigner has got it well covered. There are different means of getting in touch with the customer support team. These include phone, email, and live chat. They are always available 24/7.

RESTful API – Other tools can be integrated with Campaigner using the RESTful API. The process is fast and seamless. It is easily customizable and supports many development frameworks.

Benefits of using Campaigner email marketing tool

There are a lot of benefits that users can derive from using the program. Below are some of them:

  • Easy email personalization with dynamic content
  • Email campaigns optimization with real-time tracking and reporting
  • Emails get to the right inboxes with a 95% deliverability rate
  • Increase in sales through purchase behavior tracking
  • Capturing a lot of leads using the landing page creator
  • Customize attractive emails by choosing from more than 900 templates

Can I make money with Campaigner? 

Unfortunately, Campaigner does not have an affiliate program. But you can make money by using the tool to sell products, eBooks, webinars, or promoting special offers.

Campaigner Pricing

Campaigner has four plans – Starter, Essential, Advanced, and eCommerce.

  • Starter – $59 monthly with up to 5,000 contacts
  • Essential – $179 monthly with up to 25,000 contacts
  • Advanced – $649 monthly with up to 100,000 contacts
  • eCommerce – $79.95 monthly with unlimited contacts and integration with Shopify and Magneto.

Is Campaigner a scam?

It is easy to fall for email marketing tool scams since there are many tools out there. The best way to avoid email marketing tool scams is to go for a tested and trusted program like Campaigner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Campaigner have a free trial?

Answer: Yes, it has a 30-day free trial.

2. Can I migrate from an existing email service provider to Campaigner?

Answer: Yes, Campaigner offers a migration service that allows you to easily migrate to their platform without any hitches.

3. Does Campaigner have API?

Answer: Yes, it has an API

4. What is the medium for customer support?

Answer: The medium includes email, phone, and live chat.

5. What are the alternatives to Campaigner?

Answer: The alternatives are MoonMail, MailChimp, SendinBlue, HubSpot, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and Drip.

Free email marketing and landing pages with AWeber


  • Mobile app to track your email performance on-the-go
  • 30-day free trial for new users to test the functionality of the tool
  • Easy to use drag and drop editor
  • Simple user-interface
  • Integrates perfectly with e-commerce apps like Magento and Shopify
  • A wide range of templates to choose from
  • It requires a little learning curve to master how to use the software
  • 24/7 customer support through phone, live chat, and email


  • No spam checking tool
  • Limited customization options
  • No free version
  • The trial version requires a credit card

Conclusion: Is Campaigner email marketing tool recommended?

Campaigner is an excellent email marketing tool built with many advanced features. These features can be utilized across different devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. The icing on the cake is that it has a mobile app.

One drawback is that Campaigner does not have a spam checking tool. But it makes up for that with an excellent segmentation tool that you cannot find with the other email marketing tools.

With over 900 email templates, there are plenty of choices for you to create the best email campaigns that would give you the desired result.

The 30-day free trial is the right way to start for new users who want to figure out how good the program is. You can also customize your signup form.

All of these features make Campaigner stand out as one of the best email marketing tools to drive your email campaigns to a greater height.

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