ByDzyne MLM Review: Make money selling digital trends?

ByDzyne MLM

So, you are looking to make some quick money online and came across ByDzyne in your research. ByDzyne is an MLM company that offers a wide range of products, from health and wellness to digital and traveling products. The company offers an opportunity by rewarding individuals when they sell its products. But, is ByDzyne a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme? How does ByDzyne MLM works? There are many questions like this that need answers before you consider joining this opportunity. In this detailed ByDzyne MLM review, we will take a closer look at what ByDzyne has to offer, and explain how you can get started with this company.

You will also learn about ByDzyne products, the compensation it offers, and the pros and cons.

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ByDzyne MLM Review: What is ByDzyne?

ByDzyne is an MLM company that was founded in 2018. This company offers a variety of products related to digital technology, travel trends, health and wellness, and beauty products.

ByDzyne was founded by a number of people who have a sizeable experience in the field of direct sales and technology. Its co-founders include Nat & Chanida Puranaputra, Sophia Wong, Chad & Nattida Chong.

ByDzyne has a presence in the US, Thailand, and the Philippines.

What is ByDzyne MLM?

ByDzyne MLM is an earning opportunity offered to individuals who are looking to make money selling its products. The MLM program also offers commissions based on recruitment and team-building efforts.

ByDzyne has a unique compensation plan, business tools, training resources, and dedicated support that allows you to kickstart your business and earn income in a variety of ways.

How does ByDzyne MLM work?

ByDzyne is a direct selling company, which means that you can earn income by selling products to your friends and family. You can also become a distributor for this company, which gives you the ability to sell products to customers all over the world.

In order to get started with ByDzyne, you will first need to become a member by visiting the company website and filling out the registration form. 

The enrolment fee is $39 which is a recurring cost every year. Once you are a member, you can purchase a starter kit, which will give you access to all of the products offered by this company.

There are multiple options to choose a starter kit. The basic kit costs $300 and goes up to $5000 for the founders kit which is ByDzyne’s premium offering. Membership will also give you access to a number of other marketing tools and materials to jumpstart your business campaign.

Products offered by ByDzyne

ByDzyne offers a wide range of products, including health and wellness, traveling, and beauty products. Some of the most popular categories offered by this company include the following:

Digital Trends: This category has digital products that include advanced learning, entrepreneurial and personal growth training. One of the solutions under digital trends is an AI-driven Online Marketing system. It helps individuals and professionals automate their digital marketing business by managing different aspects such as websites, blogs, SEO, emails, etc. in one place. The product is offered under monthly and annual subscriptions.

ByDzyne products

Health and Wellness: ByDzyne offers a number of health and wellness supplements in this product category. It consists of Epione, a skin treatment serum, Valimenta, a nutrition supplement, and BD Protect, a bio-energic technology product that provides wellness to your skin, and body.

Travel Trends: This is a subscription-based traveling product. Members/customers can choose BD Dream and Premier Eco subscription plans that offer considerable savings, and deals on hotel bookings, travel tickets, and accommodations while planning vacations and holidays.

One of the other flagship products of ByDzyne is the TUW smartwatch. The gadget is helpful in keeping track of your overall health and wellness through your wristband.

All the ByDzyne products are backed by a 100% refund and a 30-days return policy. One of the good things about ByDzyne is it has solutions that cater to different needs and requirements of a customer. This is unlike other MLMs who primarily focus on a single category of products such as health, wellness, or beauty.

Are ByDzyne products worth their pricing?

Not many ByDzyne products are available on other online selling platforms like Amazon or eBay. This makes their availability exclusive to the direct selling method. However, I happened to find Epione flawless serum on Amazon. The product gathered less than 4-star ratings.

ByDzyne product reviews

When it came to pricing, many online sources hinted at ByDzyne products being expensive. In fact, over-expensive. And it is true when you compare the products with similar ones.

The Epione flawless serum is priced at $195 and other alternative products in the same category costs less than $100.

Similarly, a smartwatch is priced at more than $250, whereas some of the best-selling smartwatches on Amazon do not cost more than $100.

To conclude, ByDzyne products are way over-priced than its competitors which may hamper your sales campaign in the long run.

How to make money with ByDzyne MLM?

There are mainly two ways to make money with ByDzyne MLM.

Selling products to friends, family, and others – This will give you the eligibility to earn retail profits on each product sale.

Building a team of distributors – This will give you the opportunity to increase your income in the form of incentives, bonuses, and perks.

ByDzyne compensation plan

The compensation plan offered by ByDzyne is one of the most unique plans offered by any MLM company. This plan allows you to earn income in a variety of ways, including the following:

Retail sales commissions: This is simply the difference between retail and wholesale prices. You purchase the products at the wholesale price being a ByDzyne member and sell them at retail price to keep the difference as Retail Bonuses.

Team building bonuses: You can make up to 20% bonuses on building a team of distributors as your downline. The bonuses are accumulated on your personal sales as well as your team’s group sales volumes.

ByDzyne compensation plan

Initial Welcome bonuses: The initial welcome bonuses are paid when you order ByDzyne product kits to your personally enrolled customers or distributors. You can make up to 25% commissions as welcome bonuses.

Global bonus pool: The global bonus pool is rewarded to Diamond level distributors and above. The earnings rely on your efforts of being an active member and your personal level to qualify for a 3% bonus of the company’s total volume.

Every level has a business volume requirement to keep your position active. Members may also be required to purchase products regularly to meet the volume criteria every month. The overall compensation structure is quite deep and complex to understand.

If you are looking for a detailed analysis of the ByDzyne compensation plan then check here.

Can you make money with ByDzyne MLM?

ByDzyne is not too old to publish an income disclosure statement but you can find one on its website. The statement offers insights into how its members performed in terms of earning money through its MLM program

ByDzyne income disclosure statement

Sadly, the numbers are not encouraging. More than 70% of ByDzyne distributors could not make any commissions or bonuses. The overall average earnings stood at $540.05 for all the active members in the year 2020-2021.

There are no surprises here when it comes to making money with ByDzyne or any other MLM. The business model is designed to benefit more people who are sitting on the top level. Beginners always find it difficult to climb the ladder and find financial success.

The MLMs are best known for people who are good at selling and recruiting. Along with it, you have to constantly learn and persist with this type of earning method for years to make some money.

Is ByDzyne a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, ByDzyne is not a scam. This company is legitimate and has been in business since 2018 offering products to suit the different needs of various sections of people. The number of years into existence plays an important part in deciding the fate of any MLM company.

In the case of ByDzyne, it is still early years and it is important to do your research before joining this MLM company.

ByDzyne is not a pyramid scheme as it offers many physical products for selling to its members/customers. Pyramid schemes do not have any physical products. They earn money only by recruiting more and more people which is not the case with ByDzyne.


  • Initial momentum – One of the factors to look for in any MLM company is the early momentum. It gives an edge and advantage to members who can join early and achieve the seniority that could be beneficial in earning residual income. ByDzyne is still relatively new in the MLM industry which makes it a considerable platform from a joining perspective.
  • Different categories of products – ByDzyne gives you the advantage of selling products that fall into different categories. Health, wellness, and beauty segments are over-crowded so you have the option to sell digital and travel solutions that are the latest trend and in demand.


  • Over expensive products – The products offered by this company are a bit more expensive than those offered by other MLM companies. This may not go well considering the alternative products are easily available on other marketplaces and also comes under the competitive segment.
  • Still, a long way to go – The early phase for any company can be a boon or a curse. For MLMs, it takes a tenure of 5 years to get established and this is where ByDzyne has a long way to go and prove its metal. There will be always a risk and vulnerability associated with ByDzyne’s existence and sustainability.
  • High start-up cost – You will have to spend 1000s of dollars in purchasing starter kits to begin your MLM journey. Add to that the woes of maintaining your membership by purchasing products that are too costly. The overall expenses including traveling, gasoline, and promotional events may not be affordable for many.
  • MLM challenges – As evident from its compensation plan, your main source of income lies in your ability to recruit and build a team of distributors. This part is always challenging and most MLM members fail in their stint due to their inability to keep adding people to their team.

Conclusion: Is ByDzyne MLM recommended?

ByDzyne is still an under-established company. It has a product line that can turn things around. The digital marketing, and online learning segments are booming and of course, traveling is an ever-green segment.

The compensation plan is unique on paper but has nothing new to offer practically. It is demanding and as a ByDzyne member, you have to be at your best with selling and recruiting people to extract some money.

The discouraging factor is its income disclosure statement. It reflects how tough and challenging it is to make money after putting in so much effort.

Overall, I think ByDzyne is only recommended for its product offerings (except health, wellness, and beauty) which can be purchased by being its retail customer. As for the MLM opportunity, it is better avoided.

I recommend you research alternative ways of making money online. There are many of them to consider and if you fail to find one or are unsure about then check my recommendation below.

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