Bronto Email Marketing Review: Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Bronto Email Marketing Review

You run the risk of choosing the wrong tool if you are new to email marketing. This can cause a lot of setbacks. Building robust customer engagements that translate to sales and increase in revenue means you have to choose the right tool from the very start. If you are someone like me that always wants to try something new, I would suggest you try the Bronto email marketing tool. Reading this Bronto email marketing review will suffice you with enough information on choosing it as your next email marketing solution.

There are a lot of email marketing tools out there. MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, and ConstantContact are some of the popular options. But Bronto is a powerful email marketing platform. It has got great automation, excellent personalization, and real-time report and analysis.

Read on as I do a comprehensive review of Bronto to help you make an informed choice.

New to Email Marketing?

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Bronto Email Marketing Review: What is Bronto?

Bronto is a powerful email marketing tool with effective customer engagements that translate to increased conversions, sales, and revenue generation.

Bronto is a data-driven solution that gives many businesses the opportunity to launch their email marketing campaigns with the utmost ease.

Apart from achieving targeted email delivery and pushing your social media campaigns to the right audience, the tool also comes with the advantage of addressing shopping cart abandonment.

It provides deep integration with e-commerce apps and tools, that help you to put your business on the frontier.

In summary, Bronto is a solution designed for commerce.

Bronto was founded in 2002 as Bronto Software. It achieved tremendous success in terms of manpower and financial growth.

The company got acquired by Oracle Netsuite in 2015.

How does Bronto email marketing tool work?

Bronto works like every other email marketing tool. It helps you to design and send professional email campaigns to your audience.

To get started, you will have to subscribe to a plan. You can visit their website at to get more information.

Features of Bronto email marketing

Bronto offers some really useful email marketing features to jumpstart your campaign. Following are some of them:

Reporting and analyticsBronto allows marketers to see the metrics of their email campaigns through the well-customized dashboard. These metrics include contact performance, email deliverability, list growth, and revenue tracking.    

IntegrationThe program integrates perfectly with e-commerce apps like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify Plus, and Magneto. There is also social media integration with Facebook and others.

SegmentationBronto stands out when it comes to segmentation. It creates a segment of different people you can engage with your email campaigns. The segmentation can be based on locations, mobile preferences, and shopping carts.

Data importationBronto allows you to import data from third-party apps such as Magneto and Shopify.

Powerful automationEmail automation enhances your team’s efficiency by triggering messages when visitors interact with your content. This helps to increase conversion rate and sales.

Automation helps to welcome new subscribers, show appreciation, re-engage shoppers, recover lost revenue and turn browsers into buyers.

Great email deliverabilityWith Bronto, you can easily optimize your email deliverability. It comes with reporting tools to help you effectively monitor and improve your email campaign performance.

Email templatesIt is easy to create messages with pre-built email templates. You can choose a template from the many options to jumpstart your email campaign. The template can be modified so you can add your content, image, video, or link.

All the templates are optimized for mobile. There is the choice of designing your own template if you are not satisfied with the pre-designed templates.

A/B split testingThis feature allows you to choose the right email with higher engagements after testing two or more emails. This is usually based on the customers’ response to your emails.

Coupon generator With Bronto, you can generate and manage unique discount codes through SMS, email, and pop-ups. It also shows you how much is earned with each coupon.

Benefits of using Bronto email marketing tool

There are a lot of benefits that come with using Bronto. Here are some of them:

  • Increased sales – Bronto helps you to drive sales with improved customer engagements.
  • Ease of use – With intuitive marketing tools that include automation and segmentation, the management of complex campaigns becomes extremely easy.
  • Database-driven engagements – Bronto allows you to create database-driven engagements that lead to enhanced customer experience.
  • Personalization – Personalized recommendations can be generated for every email message. This helps to increase sales and revenue.
  • Social media marketing – Social Bridge can be integrated with Facebook to increase engagement through social media. This helps to improve brand experiences. Instagram targeted lead ads are also supported.

Bronto Pricing

The price of the tool is not stated on the website. You will need to contact Bronto to know their plans and pricing.

Between MailChimp and Bronto which one is better? 

  1. When it comes to pricing, MailChimp is better. Bronto costs more.
  2. Bronto is designed for large businesses while MailChimp is for small businesses.
  3. When it comes to automation, Bronto is a lot more robust than MailChimp.
  4. MailChimp is easier to use than Bronto.
  5. They both offer great customer service.
  6. MailChimp has got mobile app support but is not available for Bronto.

Between ConstantContact and Bronto which one is better? 

  1. ConstantContact is suitable for any business while Bronto is for large business
  2. ConstantContact is available for free for 60 days while there is no free trial for Bronto
  3. Bronto has got more customer insights than ConstantContact
  4. Bronto is very expensive while ConstantContact is affordable
  5. Bronto has extensive A/B testing than ConstantContact.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many languages do Bronto support?

Answer: Apart from English, it supports other languages like French, Danish, German, Czech, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, Swedish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

2. Is the Bronto support team responsive?

Answer: Yes, the support is always available to help you handle any issues you may encounter along the line.

3. Does Bronto support A/B testing and segmentation?

Answer: Yes, it does.

4. Does Bronto have a free trial?

Answer: It has no free trial.

5. How does Bronto provide support?

Answer: Support is provided through the phone, live chat, and email.

6. Is Bronto a cloud-based program?

Answer: Yes, it is.

7. What customer type is Bronto suitable for?

Answer: Bronto is suitable for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.


  • Email Campaign: Ease of building email campaigns using drag and drop or HTML. Both the features are great for any individual to create and customize an email campaign according to their needs.
  • Excellent list management: This helps you to segregate your audience based on their engagement and get rid of the unwanted subscriber’s list.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting: No doubt this is a great feature for any email marketing platform. Real-time analytics are helpful in tracking and tweaking your email campaign to increase customer engagement.
  • Easy-to-use: Simple and easy user-friendly interface. Beginners won’t find any difficulty in using the Bronto email tool. The navigation and menus are easily visible and perfectly placed for proper utilization.
  • E-commerce Integration: It Integrates with e-commerce apps like Magneto. It is an important feature for people in e-commerce. You can easily integrate your customer’s data with Bronto and enhance your engagement with effective emails.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Email messages and campaigns are responsive on mobile. This makes it more personalized. Your emails remain mobile and you can follow your customer’s buying habits and other preferences to bring in more automation to your email campaign.


  • Free trial is not available: This is quite a discouragement. It reduces its valuation and capabilities with other email marketing platforms that offer free trials and even pricing plans.
  • Missing pricing plans: Custom pricing plans are great but it is not a good idea to keep the visitors completely innocent about the pricing. Many people may be prompted to look out for other options.

Conclusion: Is the Bronto email marketing recommended?

Bronto is a great email marketing tool for creating highly engaging campaigns. The automation and segmentation features help you to increase conversion and sales.

The fact that the tool supports many different languages apart from English makes it even better.

You will also like the pre-built templates that make it so easy to jumpstart your campaign without needing to make a new design from the scratch.

The integration with apps like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magneto, and Shopify Plus puts you at a vantage position with your e-commerce business. There is also integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

I recommend Bronto 100% because it would help you succeed with your campaigns.

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