Better Way Designs MLM Review (2022): Better…not ideal

Better Way Designs MLM Review

A helping cause can transform many lives that live under the agony of poverty, illiteracy, and slavery. Victims of sex trafficking is another group who are deprived of their fundamental rights and dignity. To fulfill this cause, Better Way Designs came in to existence. The company’s aim is to restore the dignity of such people by connecting them with people like us who can purchase and sell their handmade products. It also offers an earning opportunity to you in the form of an MLM. But is this noble cause enough to make money that can convert your life too? Is Better Way Designs a scam or legit MLM? You will find the answer to these questions in this Better Way Designs MLM review post.

You will also learn about how Better Way Designs MLM works, what products and compensation it offers, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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Better Way Designs MLM Review: What is Better Way Designs?

Better Way Designs is a company that sells jewelry, apparels, bags, and home décor items made by the artisans from poor and under-developed countries such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc. These handmade products are created by the freed victims of sex trafficking trade.

Better Way Imports was founded by Bill and Joanna Leep in 2001 which was renamed as Better Way Designs in 2018. The company is headquartered in Michigan, the US and has associated network of organizations in 9 other countries that help them fulfill their mission of finding relevant people and products.

What is Better Way Designs MLM?

Better Way Designs sell its products through independent distributors called Freedom Fighters. These freedom fighters are part of its networking marketing team who are compensated for selling products and bringing more people in the company.

The MLM program is designed to offer training and support to its members. In addition to the compensation plan, it also provides a dedicated personalized website to take orders online.

How does Better Way Designs MLM work?

If you are interested in joining this MLM opportunity, you can do so by filling out a form and buying a starter kit.

The registration is better completed with the help of an existing Better Way Designs distributor who can also help you choose a starter kit best suited to your profile.

In terms of available starter kits, there are three options to choose from $199, $399, and $599.

The starter kits include catalogs, forms, post cards, brochures, training manual, etc. You will have to bear an additional cost of $12.99 per month to access and maintain your business website.

Better Way Designs starter kit

Once you have successfully registered, you can host freedom parties/events to share products and obtain orders.

Better Way Designs products

Better Way Designs products have variety and versatility. As a user and seller, you can find products in jewelry, clothing, kitchen, beauty, home décor, and paper-based categories.

Most of the products are handcrafted which means they carry standard quality. Many of them also promote ethical values, tradition, and culture of multiple countries.

In the jewelry section, you will find many types of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair pins, etc. The product catalog consists of brief product details and also the hours it took to make those items.  Unfortunately, none of the products have a detailed description of the material and elements they are made of.

One of the featured products in this list is Geometric earrings and necklace. The necklace is a combination of silver and turquoise howlite and designed in heart shape. It is priced at $48 per piece.

Better Way Designs products

Some of the other items include a Crossbody bag and a Trinity wall hanging. The bag is made of vegan leather and is available in a camel color. The product is handy for every-day use and is priced at $69 per piece.

The wall hanging piece is made of cotton ropes. The product comes in two sizes and is a clear display of hand-made perfection featuring unique triple knots. The pricing range between $35 to $86 depending on the size you purchase.

All the Better Way Designs products offer dedicated return/refund policies. A standard 45-day policy is applicable for new items that can be returned if you are not satisfied with it. A 90-day return policy is offered on damaged products.

Are Better Way Designs products worth their pricing? 

It is imperative to know that Better Way Designs is not the only organization that is selling such products through multilevel marketing business model. Some of its competitors are Stella and Dot and Trades of Hope so, if you are thinking that selling these items would be easier to make money then you are wrong.

There are no independent reviews on Better Way Designs products. The only way to find them is the company’s own Facebook page. Even, that page is comments and rating-less. You will find its distributors displaying the new products and catalog on the page but no specific product reviews or feedback. 

The handmade curiosity is there and one thing that stands apart for such products is creativity and material used. I personally feel that these products are a creation of very talented people and demands attention. However, are these aspects enough to pay the asking price?

Let’s compare a few Better Way Designs products with similar ones. As seen above, a silver and turquoise necklace costs $48 to buy. You will find many such items on Amazon that cost way cheaper than Better Way Designs products. Below is one of the examples:

Similarly, a vegan leather bag from Better Way Designs costs $69 and of the best-selling bags with the same features costs less than $20 on Amazon.

Better Way Designs product pricing is expensive. This is not unusual as the company runs on a business model that works on sharing profits. And one of the methods to achieve higher returns on its investments is selling products at higher pricing. This can be a genuine hurdle in making regular product sales.

How to make money with Better Way Designs MLM? 

If you’re looking to make money with Better Way Designs MLM then following are the primary two ways:

  • Sell their products – Selling products consistently will earn you personal sales commissions.
  • Team building – You can make additional money in form of bonuses and perks when you build a team of like-minded people and they purchase and sell your products.

Better Way Designs compensation plan

The compensation plan is not openly available. Some of the online sources highlight that freedom fighters can make up to 30% commissions on personal sales. That means selling products worth $100 can earn you $30 which is reasonably good.

Better Way Designs also reward its freedom fighters on referring people to the company. If you sponsor people who can purchase products from you and sell it further, there are tier-based bonuses of up to 6%. As usual, the more people you have under your team, the higher will be your bonuses.

But the earnings are not without its drawbacks. There is a requirement of $600 worth of product sales within a 3-month period. The product sale numbers should not include any shipping cost or taxes which is quite harsh.

Achieving this target will keep your freedom fighter position active and qualified to earn money through Better Way Designs compensation plan.

Can you make money with Better Way Designs MLM?

Yes, you can make money with Better Way Designs MLM but this money will not replace your existing income resources.

There is no income disclosure statement revealed by Better Way Designs so it is assumed that the income figures of its freedom fighters are not encouraging or the company itself doesn’t care about divulging these details.

However, looking at the products, resources, and investments one has to incur during their initial phase with Better Way Designs it is hard to arrive at a conclusive income figure.

The start-up cost is on the higher side. The minimum starter kit package is $199 and to support your business you have to incur a website maintenance cost every month. Secondly, there is a $600 requirement to show every quarter if you want to remain in contention of making money. This can be done by selling the products to others or purchase yourself to achieve the target.

The products offered by Better Way Designs are unique but their category is very competitive. You may find a few people here and there who can buy such expensive products just to fufill their own wish of helping others. But making regular sales and finding people who can join your cause in the long run may not be sustainable.

Keeping these prospects in mind, one can expect to earn some money for a limited time but cannot achieve their financial freedom and dream income with Better Way Designs MLM.

Is Better Way Designs a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Better Way Designs is not a scam. It is a legit company that helps a deprived community of people freed from sex trafficking trade.

The company offers an earning resource to these artisans and also provides an opportunity to normal people make some money selling their products. Better Way Designs is in existence from 2001 and is a certified member of Fair Trade Federation and B-corporation.

Better Way Designs is not a pyramid scheme either simply owing to its physical products offering. To understand it better, pyramid scheme companies do not offer any genuine products and make money mainly by just adding more and more people.


  • Longer existence – Better Way Designs has a long history of existence. Companies involved with controversial MLM business model face many types of challenges and find it hard to survive more than 5 years. Better Way Designs has done well to remain afloat regardless of financial recessions and MLM surrounded controversies. The company is a tested and trusted platform from a joining perspective.
  • Great working cause – The company has been working with a noble mission of fighting and empowering women involved in sex trafficking. It is a great pride and honor to get associated with such a mission and share the message with others to follow the same.
  • Variety of products – Better Way Designs offers a wide variety of products built on unique style, and ethnicity. The products show lots of promise in terms of quality and the fact that these are hand-made with exceptional material and artistic vision makes them worth buying.


  • Lacks transparency – Better Way Designs is very conservative when it comes to sharing information. There is no real transparency about the company’s compensation plan, its distributor’s (freedom fighters) income disclosure statement, and even the product details aren’t completely updated. Being in the business for so long, it leads to several misconceptions on its activeness, and engagement which are important to remain competitive.
  • High start-up and membership cost – One needs to invest close to $1000 in their first year of joining Better Way Designs. The start-up cost includes purchasing a starter kit worth $199 and paying a website maintenance fee of $12.99 every month. Another $600 is required to sell or purchase the products to qualify for commissions/bonuses every 3 months. You may also have to spend some money on hosting parties, traveling, gas, etc. Overall, the initial phase could be very challenging and expensive for a Better Way Designs freedom fighter.
  • Expensive products – Irrespective of the quality and versatility, paying the price to purchase Better Way Designs products may not suit everyone. The company has set high standards and with it comes higher pricing. This could be a hard sell considering its alternatives are easily available at a much cheaper pricing.

Conclusion: Is Better Way Designs MLM recommended?

Better Way Designs is working for a great cause that should be well-received and appreciated globally. The company does well to connect a section of people who rely on other for survival.

There is no doubt that the products you purchase from Better Way Designs have bigger value than the ones you purchase from other resources. It is well-recommended for this sole purpose of giving back.

However, if you are looking at Better Way Designs MLM as an opportunity to earn big money then you may be disappointed. It offers cool commissions and reasonable percentage of bonuses but the instances you can earn them is very rare.

It will be difficult to find consistency and sustainability in selling the products and recruiting people that are the main two pillars of making money with MLMs. So, it is better avoided.

So, what can you do? One better way is online research. Go to Google and search for make money online topics. You will find many such solutions that are low on investment and high on returns.

In case, you want to save your time researching, check my recommendation below.

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