6 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Programs (2022): Increase your affiliate earnings

Best Free Affiliate Marketing Programs

The advent of the coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of people lose their jobs. And finding another amidst the pandemic is not realistic. If you are tired of offline jobs, one sure way to make money is through online programs. You must have heard that people are making money online. Yes, it is no joke. People are making real money online. For many who are desirous of making money online, the question most of them ask is: How do I start? The simple answer is affiliate marketing programs. This is something we are about to reveal in this article by reviewing the best free affiliate marketing programs.

Why Affiliate Marketing Program?

An affiliate marketing program is a system where you sell products for some merchants and you earn a commission for every product sold. The product must not be yours and you don’t have to go to the merchant physically. All you have to do is just sign up through their website. What you need to start are a computer, internet connection, and a blog.

Affiliate marketing programs are legitimate ways of making extra income. There are a lot of fake affiliate programs out there. As such, you must be careful before signing up for any programs. All of the programs reviewed in this article are legit and reliable.

6 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Programs (2022)

Let me introduce you to the 6 best free affiliate marketing programs that you can join and make money from.

1. ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale connects merchants to retailers and you can be in the middle as an affiliate or blogger to earn some money in real-time. This online platform has been operating for almost two decades.

It is tested and trusted. ShareASale is a marketplace with plenty of merchants. The platform caters to almost any need. You can choose from a myriad of products and promote them with ease.

ShareASale only takes a 20% commission for every product sold which means for every $5, it takes $1.

To sign up and join the affiliate program, visit https://www.shareasale.com/

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  • ShareASale is a reputed company with trusted and reliable merchants and affiliate programs
  • The commissions offered are lucrative and highly profitable
  • Affiliate resources and support are excellent
  • Wide variety of affiliate categories available to choose from


  • You need to have a good online presence to get your application accepted
  • No PayPal option for affiliate payments

2. Amazon Associates

When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, Amazon is a household name. Amazon is the largest marketplace for physical products in the world. You can find all categories of products on https://www.amazon.com/.

So, no matter your niche, you are well accommodated on Amazon. Payment is made through cheque, bank transfer, and Amazon gift card. You can earn 10% or more commission on products purchased depending on the category.

Join the Amazon affiliate marketing program today and start earning at https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

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  • The affiliate program is easy to join
  • Amazon has a global presence and millions of products to promote
  • It is a widely used platform around the world to make online purchases
  • It offers great support to its affiliates providing ads, banners, etc.


  • You have to generate referral sales within 180 days of applying
  • There is no payment through PayPal
  • A low percentage of commissions

3. HostNoc Affiliate Program

HostNoc is a reliable IT infrastructure platform that offers solutions in web hosting, dedicated servers, domain registration, and cybersecurity. The company has an effective affiliate program that offers up to $150 for a single referred sale.

Its affiliate program is managed by the ShareASale network that provides valuable affiliate support and resources. Web hosting is an important aspect of every online marketer, e-seller, and enterprise to run their day-to-day business.

HostNoc affiliate program is therefore recommended for its high commission rates and faculty of services it offers in the online world. If you are looking to scale your website infrastructure and make decent money sharing it then visit ShareASale to join the affiliate program.

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  • The solutions and services offered by HostNoc are valuable
  • HostNoc offers one of the best-in-class affiliate commission rates (50%)
  • The support, resources, and tools are provided by the reputed affiliate (ShareASale) network


  • The cookie period is comparatively lower (30-days)
  • Commissions are non-recurring

4. WP Engine Affiliate

WP Engine affiliate is another way to make money online. WP Engine is a web hosting for WordPress CMS. As a web designer or developer, you can earn extra cash by referring your clients to your affiliate link.

This gives you extra income apart from the cost you have charged for designing websites for clients.

You can also make money as a blogger by referring people who want to sell their products online and earn a commission for each purchase. The web hosting niche is a lot more lucrative than many other niches.

If you are interested in signing up for the WP Engine affiliate, go to https://wpengine.com/partners/affiliate/

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  • WP Engine is a trustworthy platform for web-hosting
  • The affiliate link cookies last for 180 days
  • There are banners, ads, and support available
  • The affiliate program offers additional bonuses to its affiliates apart from commissions


  • You should be part of the ShareASale affiliate network to join the WP Engine affiliate program
  • ShareASale affiliate network does not make payments through PayPal

5. CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction (CJ) can be said to be the largest affiliate marketing network in the world. This is a place where advertisers connect with publishers.

It is a pay-per-performance platform that rewards the efforts of affiliates selling on the marketplace.

Established in 1998, CJ has proven to be a reputable affiliate network over the years providing sustainable income and growth for affiliates and bloggers.

The platform provides different tools that can help members to succeed in their affiliate business.

There are more than a thousand products that can be promoted with CJ. The commission rate is between 5% and 30%. Payment is made through cheque and direct deposit.

To join the CJ affiliate, go to https://www.cj.com/


  • Commission Junction is one of the oldest affiliate networks with trusted and reliable affiliate resources
  • Availability of thousands of products in different categories and niche
  • The affiliate support is excellent
  • The network offers different tools and resources to its affiliates for promotion


  • The commissions are comparatively at the lower side
  • PayPal payment option is not available

6. ClickBank Affiliate Program

Bloggers and affiliate marketers love ClickBank. ClickBank is an affiliate network for online marketers since 1998. They are mostly known for featuring great digital products.

As a blogger, you can find products in almost every category such as health, diet, entertainment, sports, travel, etc. The commissions offered can go up to 90% and you can earn it on a recurring basis.

The cookie period lasts for 60-days. The commissions are paid through check or direct deposit into your bank accounts.

Visit https://www.clickbank.com/ to be a part of the ClickBank affiliate program.


  • Oldest and reputed affiliate network
  • Offers hundreds of products in a wide variety of categories
  • The commission rates offered are very high and paid on a recurring basis
  • Affiliates can be part of ‘ClickBank University’ that offers extensive knowledge on affiliate marketing


  • Limited affiliate support
  • No PayPal payment option
  • ClickBank is not available in all the countries

What to look for in an affiliate marketing platform? 

You should consider the following factors while joining an affiliate marketing program:

Good Reputation: Your affiliate partner should have an established business. The reputation and background of the company play an important role when you subscribe to promote their products.

Make sure to do thorough research before joining an affiliate program.

Valuable Products: This is what you will be promoting. The products/services you are promoting should have immense value to your customer’s needs.

It will be of great advantage if the products offered can bring great ROI to you and your customers.

Commissions: Join the affiliate program that pays good commissions. More than the percentage look for an affiliate program that offers recurring commissions.

Recurring commissions keep flowing to your bank account even if you discontinue promoting that product. Ensure the affiliate program has a good reputation of paying their affiliates.

Resources and Tools: Resources such as ads, banners, links, etc. should be provided by your affiliate partner. Such resources have a visual appeal and are instrumental in regular conversions.

Ads and banners can be used on multiple channels such as a website, social media, and videos.

Tracking your affiliate links should be part of your marketing strategy. Make sure you are part of an affiliate program that gives you access to the affiliate dashboard as a tracking tool.

Support: Affiliates require regular support regarding various issues related to the affiliate program. Your affiliate partner should have a dedicated support team that offers help and guidance on all the technical and affiliate issues.

Who can join affiliate programs? 

Affiliate marketing programs are ideal for everyone interested in making residual income. The program is perfect for students, housewives, retirees, pensioners, and even existing job employees.

Conclusion: Achieve your financial freedom by joining affiliate marketing programs

The good thing about joining Affiliate marketing programs is they are free to join and don’t require any academic qualifications or expertise. You can join as far as you can read and write, able to use the computer and have an internet connection.

The cost of starting an affiliate marketing online business is low and it is an excellent way to make a passive income for years provided you can put in the required hard work.

There are some conditions before you can start making money. A little investment is required to get started. This is in the form of buying a domain name and hosting for your blog.

You may also have to spend some money promoting your affiliate link on social media and other platforms. Additionally, if you are new to affiliate marketing you will have to invest in learning the process.

Success in affiliate marketing doesn’t come easy. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You won’t make any progress if you are not dedicated, hardworking, impatient, and non-persistent.

Once you are able to cross all the above conditions there is no turning back. The success and money keep growing year after year.

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