Best Email Marketing Companies (2022): Improve your conversions

Best Email Marketing Companies

E-mail marketing is a nice way to build your mailing list so you can have a personal touch with your customers. It is a great system for internet marketers, information marketers, network marketers, online merchants, and many more. Choosing the right e-mail marketing company is not difficult if you know what you are looking for. E-mail marketing systems are almost the same but some are rich in features than others. In this article, we shall be reviewing the 5 best email marketing companies that you can use to launch your business.

New to Email Marketing?

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Why Email Marketing companies?

There are a lot of e-mail marketing companies out there. Some of them have free trials for a limited time, a variety of e-mail templates that you can easily customize, email scheduling, and the integration of social media handles.

Email-marketing companies offer software that helps you to track your marketing stats which include knowing the rate of click-through, monitoring the marketing workflows, and having a relationship with your customers. 

The bottom line is that e-mail marketing companies enable you to automate your marketing system to track your progress. Let’s check the best e-mail marketing companies that you can use.

5 Best Email Marketing Companies (2022)

There are plenty of e-mail marketing service providers out there. Below are the best you can find with proven results.

1. Constant Contact

Established in the year 1995, Constant Contact has become renowned as one of the best e-mail marketing systems in the world. The features on the platform have also grown over the years.

This includes the integration of apps, tools for events, and social media management. There are also plenty of templates that are specific to different niches for quick and easy customization. 

Your e-mail metrics can be accessed from the dashboard. If you don’t have any e-marketing experiences, some guides could help you get started in no time.

The good part of it is that you can sign up for a 60-day free trial. Different packages come with different prices. There are two paid plans that start from $20 and $45 per month.

Visit to know more and sign up.

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  • Known for best email deliverability rate
  • Simplest and easy-to-use interface
  • You get an in-built website builder and multiple integrations
  • Large inventory of email templates to choose from


  • Lacks advanced automation features

2. AWeber

Established in 1988, AWeber is the e-mail marketing service provider that pioneered auto-responders in the late 90s.

One distinguishing feature of AWeber is that it comes with an opt-in email advantage where an e-mail is sent immediately to the e-mail address of the would-be subscriber so that he or she can confirm the email address before becoming a full member.

There is also a plugin version in case you are using a WordPress theme. Elementor plugin is also integrated into the AWeber plugin. Some of the other features are building landing pages and sign-up forms.

The best part is its free plan that offers basic email marketing features that you can use for 500 subscribers. The paid plans are offered in various categories to suit your needs. It starts with $19 per month and goes up to $149 per month.

To subscribe to AWeber, click

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  • Known for its responsive email design, templates, and autoresponders
  • You can create a one-page website with beautiful landing pages
  • The reporting and data analytics on emails are great
  • Set-up is very easy and the user interface has no complexities


  • The segmentation option is limited

3. GetResponse 

The next e-mail marketing tool is GetResponse. GetResponse is more than an e-mail marketing tool. It has a landing page maker that can be used to create a sales funnel and webinar.

This is where it stands out from the other tools thereby making it an all-in-one marketing system. Other features include auto-responder, email timing, integration of software, and e-mail list segmentation. 

The interface is extremely user-friendly. The drag and drop builder allows you to customized your design to your taste without any inhibitions. You can also create landing pages with GetResponse.

If you face any issues using the tool, there are guides to put you through. There is a live chat for instant response. The paid plans start from $15 per month and go up to $99 per month. There is also a customizable plan to suit your email and subscribers list.

Use it for free for 30 days by signing up at

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  • Getresponse has a very user-friendly interface
  • Comes with many integrations including Google Analytics and WordPress
  • You get the option of building and customizing the templates
  • The email builder has a drag and drop feature


  • The tool is comparatively expensive

4. MailChimp 

You can’t go wrong with MailChimp. It is another effective e-marketing tool that you can deploy to automate your marketing campaigns. The interesting part is that it comes with a free plan which is very extensive. This free plan is suitable for most bloggers.

More than one billion e-mails are sent daily using MailChimp making it one of the best e-mail marketing service providers. The templates are intuitively designed and can be customized to fit your brand. 

Some other advanced features are app integrations, auto-responders, sending e-mails based on time-zone, and e-mail list segmentation. MailChimp has responsive channels through live chat and e-mail to sort out any issues.

When it comes to pricing, MailChimp starts with $10 per month that goes up to a premium paid plan of $299 per month.

Visit to subscribe. 

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  • Offers best free trial and lowest paid plan to start with
  • There is an option to add images, or videos from external sources
  • Availability of A/B testing and AI-powered creative assistant
  • Good customer support


  • Lacks advanced customization features
  • The user interface needs improvement

5. ActiveCampaign 

Learn how to save time as you grow your business using a sales automation system like ActiveCampaign. The platform helps you to overreach your goal and get excellent results with fewer e-mails.

You can create sales funnels, send text messages to customers and integrate SMS making it an all-in-one marketing tool. 

It comes with a template editor to make e-mail marketing pretty simple and straightforward. Mobile responsive sign-up forms can be created and embedded into your website with ease.

In terms of pricing, it has a free trial version for 14-days. The paid pricing starts from $15 per month and has multiple plans that end with $279 per month. 

Visit to sign up.

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  • Ease of migration from other tools
  • One of the best platforms to offer a high percentage of email deliverability
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Possess quality automation tools and software


  • The features and automation could be overwhelming for beginners
  • No free plan offered

Conclusion: Improve your sales and increase revenue with the best email marketing companies

An e-marketing tool is for anyone who is into any online business. It is ideal for small business owners, bloggers, online merchants, etc. Emails are useful in generating leads and it helps increase sales and grow your business.

The downside is an investment. Most of the tools require you to spend the monthly costs to use their features for a long time. The beginners may find some of the tools expensive since they come with monthly payment pricing.

But you cannot achieve success without sacrifice. If you’re looking to promote your business and generate more revenue it can be only done by making more customers.

Email Marketing tools are perfect for growing your mailing list and capturing customers’ data. The above 5 email marketing companies are highly recommended to anyone who wants to grow the customer lists and increase sales.

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