AutoDS Review: Effective Tool to automate your E-commerce business

AutoDS Review

Statistics have shown that dropshipping is one of the most lucrative online businesses to venture into. But to start a dropshipping business; you must put your best foot forward. This means you must use a very good dropshipping tool to automate your business. In this post, I will be doing an AutoDS review.

The review will give you all the details related to automating your dropshipping. Before I go deeper into it, I will like to give you a birds-eye view of what I will cover in this post.

  • What is AutoDS?
  • Features of AutoDS
  • How does it work?
  • How to make money with AutoDS
  • Pros & Cons
  • FAQs
  • Recommendation

So, let’s set the ball rolling.

New to Dropshipping/E-commerce?

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AutoDS Review: What is AutoDS?

AutoDS is a control tool for dropshipping. The software helps you to keep an eye on supplier’s orders, cancellation and returning of orders from an e-commerce store, manage messages, and monitor your store’s performance from the dashboard.

Every hour, the software oversees service changes and prices. And when there is a product update, the app instantly sends a message to the customer. With AutoDS, you can reduce the risk of order cancellations and losses. A long hour of work is also saved due to its automated controls.

Using the AutoDS software means you will get up to 70% positive feedback since it sends prompt messages to your customers. This in turn enriches the customers’ experience. It is right to conclude that AutoDS is a great buddy for many drop shippers.

How does AutoDS work?

AutoDS is a simple tool to use. You can subscribe to one of the plans at After your subscription, you will have access to all the features that come with your chosen plan. The next thing is to integrate all the features into your store.

Once the integration is completed, you can sit back to monitor how the program runs your business. It is a flexible tool that helps you to run your business efficiently and you can also make changes with a click of the button.

A step-by-step guide on how AutoDS works

Below is a guide to integrating AutoDS with your store:

Step One: Linking AutoDS to your online store

Once you have subscribed to a plan, the next thing is to click the “Add” button. This will simply connect the software to your store.

Step Two: Configuring your AutoDS account

Add a preferred payment method and the auto ordering feature. There are different payment methods including credit card payment.

The next thing is to connect your email address to get the auto ordering feature enabled. Once this process is completed, the tool will start to run your online business.

Features of AutoDS Dropshipping Tool

AutoDS has a lot of features. Let me start by breaking it down one by one.

Monitoring and optimization of price – Pricing optimization is an integral part of dropshipping. AutoDS software ensures that the price you have set for your products is very competitive and profitable when compared to the other stores.

Monitoring of storage – AutoDS helps in the monitoring of your supplier stock. If there are changes in supplier’s stock, the tool makes a quick update on your e-commerce store.

In case the supplier is out of stock, the AutoDS tool will remove the product immediately. It also makes a quick update of the changes in real-time once products have been restocked.

This helps to prevent your customers from purchasing out-of-stock products. It also means you don’t have to make manual updates on prices. Everything is done automatically.

Automated orders – AutoDS makes the management of orders pretty easy and efficient which in turn saves you time. This feature helps you to track your sales performance.

Product finder – This is an advanced feature that scans more than 40,000 drop shippers every day to give you insight into best-selling products from the websites of other drop shippers. This means you won’t have to search for products manually.

Analysis and statistics – AutoDS show everything about your business performance. It comes with a dashboard so you can view important metrics about the business. This includes products sold; when they were sold and products bought most by the buyers.

Multiple store management – You don’t have to entertain any worry if you have more than one store. All your stores can be managed in one place at the same time with AutoDS.

Product editing – AutoDS allows you to edit products either in bulk or separately. Some of the things you can edit include policies, profits, title description, templates, etc.

Advanced listing software – With AutoDS, you can filter your list using any feature you desire. This means you can track and manage stock level, product quality, returned products, etc.

AutoDS Pricing plans 

AutoDS comes in the following four different plans –

  • Import 100 – $7.99 monthly
  • Starter 400 – $16.79 monthly
  • Advanced 1K – $38.99 monthly
  • Custom – There are different packages under the Custom plan. You can choose one that suits you by clicking on the dropdown menu.

To see the benefits that come with each plan, you can click on this link

Can I make money with AutoDS?

The money-making aspect lies in how you use the AutoDS tool. The main features of the AutoDS tool are to automate your manual tasks so that you remain focused on sales and revenue.

The product finder, monitoring, and pricing optimization features of AutoDS will help you make considerable amounts of profits if used inappropriately.

AutoDS also has an affiliate program to help you make up to 20% commission for every sale. This will boost your income potentials if you can share affiliate links to attract your followers or visitors to use AutoDS.

Click this link to know more and register.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does AutoDS come with a free trial?

Answer: It has a 7-day trial period

2. Is there API support with AutoDS?

Answer: No API support

3. Are there alternatives to AutoDS?

Answer: Yes, there are alternatives. Some of them are:

  • Oberlo
  • DSM Tool
  • Easyship
  • Salefreaks
  • ShopMaster

4. Does AutoDS come with a free version?

Answer: No, it does not have a free version.

5. What are the suppliers supported by AutoDS?

Answer: AutoDS supports the following suppliers:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Alibaba
  • Lowe’s
  • Gearbest
  • Overstock
  • AliExpress
  • The Home Depot
  • Chinabrands
  • Banggood, etc.

6. Does AutoDS support Shopify?

Answer: Yes, it supports Shopify store

7. Can more than one store be managed with AutoDS?

Answer: Yes, you can manage more than one store with AutoDS.


  • Incredible customer support: The help center of AutoDS comes with different supporting options. You get a search bar and have a question section, there are informative blogs and tutorials under the knowledgebase center, an active community of experts, and you can also chat 1-1 live.
  • Ease of use: The simple user interface of AutoDS helps you to run your business efficiently and smoothly. You will find almost anything through easy navigation of features and managing multiple stores with AutoDS is easier.
  • It is relatively affordable: You can start using the AutoDS platform for as low as $7.99 for the basic plan and as high as $38.99 for the advanced plan. That is comparatively cheaper than many other dropshipping tools in the same category. Affordability is one of the highlights to connect with AutoDs.
  • Reporting and Metrics: AutoDS gives you relevant metrics concerning your business: The reporting and statistics are top-notch. The main aspect of reporting circles around your product sales to help you analyze the progress. The metrics are helpful in the continuous improvement and alignment of your e-commerce store.
  • Integration: It has support for multiple suppliers including AliExpress, Amazon, Warehouse, etc. This makes it easier to import your products and merge with the AutoDS tool smoothly.


  • Some of the plans are pricey: Established drop shippers may find the pricing a bit expensive. The number of product imports under AutoDS pricing plans is on the lower side.
  • No free version and a limited free trial: The free trial on all the AutoDS pricing plans is up to 7-days which is relatively limited and it does not offer any free plans to use its features.

Conclusion: Is the AutoDS dropshipping tool recommended?

AutoDS is an exceptional dropshipping tool designed for every drop shipper that knows their onion in the business. It helps you to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Its automation is top-notch. Product prices are updated automatically and stocks are monitored to avoid keeping your customers in the dark.

The software integrates perfectly with different e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Jumpseller, and WooCommerce. It also integrates with big suppliers like Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, Walmart, and many more.

There are no worries if you run more than one store. AutoDS brings all your stores under one platform.

Even with minor flaws, it is right to state that AutoDS is an all-in-one tool. Choose any of the plans to put your online business on a high pedestal.

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