Atomy MLM Review: Is it legit or another pyramid scheme in disguise?

Atomy MLM Review

Atomy isn’t far off from other MLM companies when it comes to selling natural medicines and other herbal-related goods. However, selling items on the side may have its drawbacks. One needs to do extra research and gain knowledge on a few factors related to that company. This Atomy MLM review post will cover all the necessary information to make an informed decision on joining it.

You will know what is Atomy, how does it work, how much money you can make as its representative, and the important pros and cons.

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Atomy MLM Review: What is Atomy?

Atomy is a South-Korean firm that creates beauty and skincare items as well as nutritional supplements. “Mongsang” Han-Gill Park, the creator of Atomy, started the firm in 2009.

The organization has 16 million members across the world, according to the website and the firm earned $2.2 billion in sales in 2021.

It is headquartered in the Republic of Korea and expanded its presence worldwide with offices in the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Asia-Pacific.

What is Atomy MLM?

Atomy operates its business on the Multilevel Marketing method. This is mainly owing to its founder who is very fond of network marketing business methods and remained active in this segment for many years.

Atomy MLM is a complete package for users across the world who can join it to earn commissions, extra incentives, and bonuses. They get training, support, and valuable resources from Atomy’s existing consultants which are called ‘Atomians’.

How does Atomy MLM work?

The Atomy system works differently from other MLMs in the sense you simply purchase items to begin your business journey.

But to begin you have to find an existing sponsor who can introduce you to the Atomy MLM program and its requirements. The joining is completely free and there are no starter kits on offer.

The other way of doing it is through the Atomy website. The enrolment process consists of 5-steps to get you rolling. 

Once your application is approved, the next step is to purchase products for a certain value. This is where you must purchase 10000 PV ($20+ value) products directly from Atomy online store. This will be enough to make you qualify for earning commissions.

Atomy products

Atomy products consist of immunological medicines, such as probiotics and other goods that are far less expensive, designed to improve the immune system.

The category of product is wide and the types include solutions related to skincare, health supplements, personal care, and household items. Following are the three-flagship category of products listed on the Atomy website:

Atomy products

HemoHIM: This is a nutritional supplement that was originally made for individuals with compromised immune systems, such as chemotherapy patients. It claims to increase the blood flow, and body oxygen that helps improve the body’s resistance to radiation in cancer patients. The ingredients include extracts from natural plants found in Korean farms.

Skincare System, The Fame: This is a skincare product made of natural Korean ingredients such as Argan kernel, Shea butter, Squalene, etc. The product helps improve skin stability and provides protection from irritations, and allergies effectively.

Absolute CellActive Skincare: This is again a skincare product that is made of scientifically-researched formulas. The product is mainly targeted to focus on anti-aging elements that improve moisture and thickness to reduce early aging of the skin.

Going through the category of products, there is nothing new, however, the ingredients and popularity of the Atomy brand can help you build an effective sales strategy.

The return and exchange policy followed by Atomy is 30-days for all its products.

Are the Atomy products worth their price? 

One good thing about Atomy products is most of them have FDA approval. This could be a big plus point for sellers. As for the pricing, the products are fairly valued. Some of the items such as creams, and balms may cost you more than other branded products in the same category.

But the effectiveness and quality are uncompromised. This is evident from the reviews and ratings Atomy products have garnered. It stands more than 4 stars on Amazon which is really cool.

Atomy product reviews

Paying a few extra pennies won’t be a problem for users who prefer quality over price.

How to make money with Atomy MLM? 

There are two ways to make money with Atomy, as there are with most MLMs:

  • Direct sales – make money by selling items.
  • Recruit people into your team – Make use of incentives to attract individuals who will receive bonuses from the sales they generate.

Atomy compensation plan 

According to the Atomy compensation plan, there are 5-levels to be achieved to accumulate commissions and bonuses. These are:

  • Sales Rep,
  • Agent,
  • Special Agent,
  • Dealer,
  • Exclusive Distributor

The first requirement is accumulating 10000 PV to qualify for further incentives. The commissions paid are 44% on the entire sales PV. Below is the chart explaining the accumulation and earnings in detail.

Atomy compensation plan

Once you start recruiting people in your team, your earnings will increase. Atomy offers a Master Bonus of 20% on the entire sales PV of your group sales. The distribution of bonuses is according to the level of product buyers you have in your team.

There is a cash bonus, travel tickets, luxury car, etc. on offer as a Mastership Bonus.

One of the requirements to stay active as a consultant is achieving 10000 PV (worth $20+) products every month. This can be done either by you or your team members.

You can find full details of the Atomy compensation plan here. 

Can I make money with Atomy MLM? 

There are ways to make money with Atomy MLM. The compensation plan is not too complicated like other MLMs and neither too straightforward.

However, considering the low start-up and membership maintenance costs, you are in to make decent commissions every month.

10000 PV looks big on paper but it comes down to around $30 after conversion in USD. This is very much affordable to keep your positive active.

If you can convince more and more people to join your team and purchase products worth 10000 PV or more, then you can surely make good money with Atomy MLM.

However, recruiting people continuously isn’t sustainable. This also requires lots of effort and hard work. There will be a time when this chain will break and you will start witnessing a drop in your income.

Also, don’t forget the competition you will have to face selling personal and skincare products. There are millions of such products in the market with 100’s of MLM selling them with different names and ingredients.

How much money you can make with Atomy MLM is a question mark. This is because there is no evident structure or income disclosure statement available to arrive at actual earning figures.

Is Atomy a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

No, Atomy is not a scam. It is a legit company selling different products in many categories. The company is in existence since 2009 which is above the usual standards for any MLM.

Recruitment of people is not necessary but is required to increase the income potential of every consultant. The focus of rewarding its consultants is more on product sales and not recruitment. Atomy is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Credible history – Atomy is going strong even after spending more than a decade in the MLM industry. This is no mean feat as most of the MLMs disappear within 5 years of their existence.
  • Quality products – Atomy products are well-made and possess natural ingredients. The customer reviews and ratings are very positive and it shows wide acceptability towards Atomy products. This could be a big USP (Unique Selling Point) to make regular sales.
  • Low start-up cost – Another advantage of joining Atomy is its low start-up cost. It takes minimum effort and close to $30 worth of products purchase to start earning commissions. Even the monthly cost ($20) to remain an active Atomy consultant is affordable for anyone.


  • Saturated skincare market – This is a big drawback. The skincare and personal care products are over-crowded. The market is over-burdened with many MLMs and branded companies offering thousands of products in the same category.
  • Product pricing – Though not overly expensive, some of the Atomy products are priced more than their competitors. This may reduce the chances of consistent sales with lots of similar alternatives available on many online platforms at lower prices.
  • Demanding compensation structure – To make money, you need to recruit people consistently. This is very demanding. It takes huge effort and sales skills to achieve your sales quota and membership numbers.

Conclusion: Is Atomy MLM recommended?

Our research and coverage show that Atomy is a good company to work with. The products are of high quality and starting your stint as a consultant doesn’t cost too much money.

These are great positive vibes for anyone to jump to a conclusion. However, when it comes to making money with the Atomy MLM program you need specialized skills, commitment, patience, and persistence to achieve success.

MLMs have rare success and most of the people who make money with them are sitting on the top. If you cannot sustain recruiting, and selling is not your cup of tea then stay away from Atomy MLM.

The opportunity is more suitable for experienced and professional network marketers. For others, I would recommend searching for better make-money-online alternatives. If you cannot find one or are unsure about it, then check my recommendation below.

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