Appsumo Affiliate Program Review: Make Money Promoting Software

Appsumo Affiliate Program

Tools, software, and solutions that can automate your manual tasks are always exciting. Such products help you save time and even money to some extent. And time and money are very beneficial from a business growth point of view. Appsumo is one such platform that offers various software, and tools that help entrepreneurs, online marketers, e-sellers, etc. to grow their business. It has some useful tools that can be used to streamline and automate certain processes and tasks with discounted deals. So, you get to save money as well as earn money by promoting the platform with the Appsumo affiliate program.

In this review, I will guide you on some of Appsumo’s products, its affiliate program, the commissions, and the pros, and cons.

Appsumo Affiliate Program Review: What is Appsumo?

Appsumo is an online platform that offers various types of tools, software, and apps to cater to different types of online businesses. Some of the Appsumo solutions cover content creation, SEO, data analytics, e-commerce, accounting, marketing, web development, WordPress, and many more.

The products are offered under discounted deals and offer under annual and lifetime plans. Most of the solutions offered by Appsumo are the creative result of partnerships with new start-ups as well as reputed brands such as Evernote, Mailchimp, etc.

Appsumo was launched in 2010 by an online entrepreneur Noah Kagan based out of the US. The company has helped more than 1000 start-ups since its launch establish their businesses with its online solutions.

What is the Appsumo affiliate program?

To promote the platform, Appsumo offers an affiliate program where affiliates can refer customers to its platform and earn commissions per sale of the product.

The commissions range from 5%-100% where affiliates can earn 100% or up to $50 on new customer purchases and 5% or up to $50 on existing customer purchases.

Appsumo provides helpful training and resources to its new affiliates. The affiliate program has a 30-days cookie period for tracking links.

How does the Appsumo affiliate program work?

Appsumo has tied with the Impact affiliate network that runs its affiliate program. As an affiliate, you need to have an Impact account to apply for the Appsumo affiliate program.

If you are new to the Impact affiliate network, you can go ahead and join the platform which is completely free. 

Alternatively, you can also apply for the affiliate program through the Appsumo website by clicking on the affiliates section.

Once you are approved, you get access to training, resources, and other promotional methods to start your affiliate campaign.

Appsumo products & services

Appsumo Affiliate Program - Product Category

Appsumo offerings are really useful from an online business and growth perspective. Many businesses such as affiliate marketers, e-commerce/retailers, and companies will find the Appsumo products relevant, and profit-making.

The category of products is many and some of them include content creation for websites and blogs, providing SEO solutions, building funnels, creating a list of email subscribers, e-commerce solutions to name a few.

The best part is all the products, and solutions are sold at discounted pricing and have different types of plans to choose from. This makes it suitable and affordable to a majority of people looking for automated solutions at a low cost.

To summarize, Appsumo products and services are ever-demanding and required from the current trend of online needs. It is also one of the best niches to promote from an affiliate’s point of view.

Ways to promote Appsumo products 

Appsumo Affiliate Program - Products

Appsumo can be promoted in many ways. Some of them include the following:

Blogs – Blogging deals with content creation which itself is part of Appsumo. So, go ahead and explain to your audience the benefits of creating valuable content using Appsumo solutions.

Website articles – Using your own website to write a detailed article on Appsumo’s features and benefits could be another way of promoting the platform. Your website’s authoritative presence can attract lots of organic traffic to take note of the Appsumo app.

Videos – Creating and uploading videos is the most preferred and efficient way to promote any product and make revenue. Add a video helping your viewers with the software, apps, and tools they can use to grow their business. Make use of your videos on your YouTube channel. This will surely improve subscribers to your channel as well as the Appsumo platform.

Social media and advertising – Take advantage of your social media following by sharing a post on Appsumo. Display the banners, and ads provided by Appsumo. Social media is still a powerful source to grow any business.

Make sure to add your affiliate link in the post, and description so that you don’t miss out on commissions. Almost all the above promotional ways are a reflection of automated solutions offered by Appsumo which could be a big selling point.

Appsumo Affiliate commissions 

There are two ways to make commissions with the Appsumo affiliate program:

Refer a new customer to the Appsumo platform. Once your referrals purchase a product, affiliates can earn 100% commissions of the product price or up to $50.

Refer an existing customer to buy another Appsumo product and earn 5% commissions of the product price or up to $50.

Can I make money with the Appsumo affiliate program? 

In simple words, yes you can make money with the Appsumo affiliate program. This is mainly owing to its offerings in the business segment.

Appsumo products are one of the highlights to make consistent commissions. As a member of Appsumo, there is no denying the fact that you can use its own products. That means it has repeated value, credibility, and reliability on offer.

Secondly, the commissions are based on product sale pricing or a maximum of $50. This is another advantage where the affiliates are sure of making $50 with every purchase made by their new and existing referrals.

So, if you are able to generate at least 10 referrals in a month who can buy the products then you are in to make $500. The more you refer, the higher will be your commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When does Appsumo pay its affiliates?

Answer: The affiliates are paid every month according to the terms and conditions of the Impact affiliate network.

2. Is there a payment withdrawal threshold limit?

Answer: Yes, the withdrawal threshold amount is $100.

3. What support does Appsumo offer to its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates can reach out to the Appsumo support team by sending an email at


  • Excellent line of products – The potential to make money doing affiliate marketing is through quality products. And this is where Appsumo scores high. The line of products and solutions offered are of high-quality and remain in-demand which is really beneficial from earning point of view.
  • Affiliate network – The affiliate resources and promotional tools are offered by the Impact affiliate network. The platform is renowned to provide quality support and tools to track and improve an affiliate campaign.
  • Good affiliate commissions – The commission structure is really good. You can expect to make decent money by referring new and returning customers. Apart from the percentage, the fixed commission rate of up to $50 is an encouraging factor.


  • Low cookie duration – 30-days cookie period is on the lower side. 60-90 days cookie could have been more advantageous from the conversion perspective.
  • Higher withdrawal threshold – The withdrawal threshold limit is $100. This is way higher than many other affiliate programs and seems very unfair.

Conclusion: Is the Appsumo affiliate program recommended?

Appsumo as a platform has the potential to attract many customers. Especially, the solutions offered in the online business segment are of great value. This could be a major turnaround as more and more people are shifting towards online earning methods.

With a view on automation and making things easier for such a category of audience, Appsumo is a go-to platform for every kind of business owner.

On the affiliate front, the commissions have the capacity to make a decent income, the affiliate network, and resources are good. Anyone who wants to be part of Appsumo has a double benefit of using its products to grow their own business and earn money by referring them to others.

So, all-in-all Appsumo affiliate program is well-recommended for all types of online marketers, affiliates, and people alike to improve their earnings.

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