Amare Global MLM Review: Make money selling prebiotics?

Amare Global MLM Review

If you are looking to work with an MLM company that is into the health and wellness segment then you must have come across Amare Global. This is a company that is known for selling products related to mental wellness. Want to know more about it? This Amare Global MLM review post will explain all the necessary details such as how does Amare Global MLM work, the different products offered, etc.

Additionally, we will walk you through the compensation plan and give our opinion on whether or not Amare Global MLM is a good opportunity to join. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Amare Global MLM Review: What is Amare Global?

Amare Global is a company that offers a wide range of products and services that includes health and wellness supplements primarily for mental strength.

The company has been in business since 2016 which is not too long and is headquartered in California, the United States.

Amare Global was founded by Hiep Tran who is also the current chairman. The company won several awards in the year 2018 for a few of its mental fitness products.

What is Amare Global MLM?

Amare Global MLM is the network marketing division of the company, which offers a way for people to make money by selling the company’s products and services as well as building a team of people.

It is an opportunity that allows people to sell products and services online, through social media, and in person.

Amare Global MLM wellness partners (independent distributors) are offered a generous compensation plan, personal virtual assistant, training, and ongoing support to kickstart their business.

How does Amare Global MLM work?

Amare Global MLM works as an opportunity for individuals who can join it as a Wellness Partner. To join, visit Amare Global website and enroll with your details along with your sponsor’s ID. 

Amare Global startup cost

If you do not have a sponsor, you can provide details on how you came to know about Amare Global MLM and submit.

The enrolment fee is $69.95 for a year. It includes access to business tools, training material, a personal website, an online back office, and products with discounted prices.

There is also an option to choose a launch pack that costs $849.95 that comes with product samples, brochures, and other marketing materials to launch your MLM business.

Opting for this pack will waive your enrolment fee.

Amare Global products

Global Amare has a wide range of products available, which fall into the categories of health and wellness. The products have sub-categories that cover mental fitness, gut health, weight loss, as well as financial wellness. A few of its flagship products include:

-Amare EDGE: Amare EDGE is a combination of Mango leaf, Lychee, and Palm fruit extracts. It helps improve energy levels by targeting your mood, motivation, and metabolism. Amare EDGE results in an effective weight-loss process and also provides anti-aging benefits.

-Amare GBX: Amare GBX is a series of superfoods that are targeted to provide proteins and boost your energy levels. The product consists of phytonutrients that consist of ingredients from natural fruits and vegetables. GBX is available in different flavors and is one of the highly-rated Amare products by its users.

-Amare Mentabiotics: Mentabiotics is a unique combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics which is a scientifically proven formula for strong mental wellness. The product is part of Amare Global’s award-winning Gut-Brain Axis Nutrition System that helps reduce stress, tension, depression, and other mental problems.

All the Amare products are offered with a 30-days return and refund policy for its Wellness Partners. Many of the Amare Global products gathered good ratings on its website but the real question is…

Are Amare Global products worth their price? 

Well, the product reviews are really good on Amare Global’s website and Facebook page. The overall ratings are more than 4.5-stars which means the users really like Amare Global products.

Amare Global product reviews

To be fair, I don’t rely on the reviews and ratings that are posted on the company’s own website and social media pages. I encourage you to do some cross-verification on these reviews with other independent sources.

So, what about the pricing? I found many products on Amazon that consists same ingredients (phytonutrients) but cost lesser than Amare Global products. Below are some of the examples:

This could be a big drawback when you begin to sell Amare Global products which are expensive. The plus point is their positive results and effectiveness.

How to make money with Amare Global MLM?

There are a few ways to make money with Amare Global MLM. The most common way is to sell products and services to customers.

Additionally, people can earn money by recruiting new members into the company and also earn commissions on sales generated by their team members.

Amare Global compensation plan

The Amare Global MLM compensation plan is one of the most generous in the industry. But the structure is completely focused on the bonuses of different terms.

There are sales commissions of 25% that you can earn by purchasing the products at a 25% discounted price and selling them at retail price.

All the bonuses (6-levels) are paid when you convince more and more people to join your team and purchase a certain volume of products.

There is a ‘Me and 3’ bonus commission tree where you can earn $135 per month on having 3 members under your mentorship. These members have to maintain 100 PV (Personal Volume) along with their own PV to earn the bonus consistently.

Amare Global compensation plan

Likewise, you have to keep adding people and train them to add more people under their mentorship to increase your earnings. There are overall 6 types of bonuses and more than 10 levels of leadership rankings to achieve.

To summarize, the more people you recruit, the more you can make money through Amare Global compensation plan. This is why many individuals are drawn to MLM firms because this is how “passive income” is created if you can build a powerful team around you.

Here is the detailed Amare Global compensation plan.

Can you make money with Amare Global MLM?

When you see the compensation plan, there is potential to make decent money with Amare Global MLM. However, the money lies purely in your recruiting and team-building efforts. It is not easy to convince people regularly and build a team.

The compensation plan is generous but the market segment isn’t. There is competition and selling health and wellness products on a consistent basis is challenging.

The start-up cost is comparatively low but there will be investments pertaining to traveling, gas, promotions, and purchases of products to keep your membership active.

How much money you can make is a question mark since Amare Global does not release the income statement of its distributors.

One thing that goes in favor of Amare Global is its business stint. The company isn’t too old so that gives an edge to its members who can capitalize on their position to build a source of passive income for the future.

Is Amare Global a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Amare Global started in 2016 and still going strong with its network marketing business model. It still needs a few more years to prove its metal in the MLM industry but as of now, it cannot be termed as a scam. It offers an earning opportunity to many people to work from home selling legit health and wellness products.

Amare Global is also not a pyramid scheme since the wellness partners earn commissions by selling their products. However, it does reflect a pyramid scheme in disguise as you need to constantly recruit people into your team to make more money.


  • Relatively new opportunity – The firm was founded in 2016 and this is by far one of the possible reasons you must consider Amare Global MLM. The momentum phase of any company gives you maximum opportunity to explore your potential and remain at the top level which is crucial from an MLM business model perspective.
  • Quality products – The products sold by Global Amare are of good quality. The reviews and ratings are very positive, although debatable. The products consist of natural ingredients and extracts from fruits and vegetables and it is evident that Amare Global products are well-received by its users.


  • Not an established company – One of the factors to joining an MLM opportunity is its established history. Amare Global lacks the experience and its newness in the MLM segment makes it vulnerable to financial risks, and legal controversies. 3-5 years is the normal tenure for any MLM and Amare Global is still going through that phase.
  • Highly demanding compensation structure – It can be difficult to make money with Amare Global MLM if you do not have a large network of people to sell to. Its compensation plan is as good as your network because more money lies in more people who can purchase more and recruit more. So, stay away from Amare Global if you don’t like sharing and networking with others.
  • Competitive MLM segment – There is a lot of competition in the health and wellness MLM industry, so it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. On top of that, Amare Global products are more expensive than its competitors which could be another discouraging factor from a selling perspective. It is important to be passionate about the products offered by Amare Global in order to be successful with this MLM company.

Conclusion: Is Amare Global MLM recommended?

Amare Global is a good opportunity for those who are looking to make money through MLM which is in its initial stages. The success ratio with MLMs is 1% who make lots of money sitting at the top level and this is what you can expect to achieve with Amare Global.

The products are high quality and there is potential to make a lot of money through the compensation plan provided you excel in recruiting and leading a team of people. But you need to be prepared to spend some money upfront in the beginning as well as to propel your membership status.

Working with MLMs is not easy and I would recommend joining Amare Global only if you are passionate about selling, and recruiting consistently.

Otherwise, you can find many opportunities online that help you build a source of passive income with less investment and a short time. I suggest you find one or check my recommendation below.

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