About Me

Hello Everyone,

I am Arif, the founder of Homerich Entrepreneurs. This website is dedicated to the people who are looking for alternative ways of earning money online legitimately. The main purpose of creating this website is to help you choose an appropriate path and guide you on the journey of earning a consistent income online.

Being an Entrepreneur

Its been more than two decades since I started working. I was a Banker by profession and had quality experience in the banking and customer service industries.  I achieved lots of success working with multi-national banks and financial services globally and adapted to different working environments,  people, and cultures. And yes, I did earn lots of money.

But, personally, I got never satisfied with what I had. I think it was to do with my childhood dream of being an entrepreneur. All my working years passed on with the routine 9-5 job, lots of pressure, stress, just to earn good money.

The idea of being an entrepreneur always stood in mind firmly. I used to think about creative ideas on starting my own business but never took a step ahead fearing failure, losing my job, and hard-earned money.

But to achieve something in life and fulfill your dream, you have to take the risks (and that too big ones).  That’s when I decided and quit my job. I began my entrepreneurship journey from home by researching the internet…

Personal motivation and satisfaction

… And this where I have reached. Having my own website and helping people like me who dream big but never try to fulfill them. I have gone through that phase of life where everything comes to a halt, where you flow with the waves of life as it comes to you, total mental blockage and non-satisfaction. If you fall into this category then continue reading…

BOB (Be your Own Boss)

This website will take you on the way(s) of learning, building, and implementing the earning methods that are legitimate and bring you financial freedom. The information you get here is a result of my own research, personal knowledge, and experience that I want to share with you and keep you away from online frauds, and scams.

I assure you this is a perfect platform to test your entrepreneur skills and put them practically into action. By following and implementing the steps of this website, you will get ample opportunity for a full-time income from your online business consistently.


All the best & Cheers,